[Greg Hunter] On the U.S. dollar, gold and silver expert Craig Hemke warns, “I think, in the grand scheme of things, we are all in trouble because the time of the U.S. dollar being the supreme currency is all going by the wayside. We are entering into a new global financial paradigm in the 21st century… . Negative interest rates are here to stay, and the whole western world is getting sucked into that creation by central banks. I am not optimistic that years of bliss and euphoria are coming our way. Maybe the dollar, in the short term, could continue to rise, and many say that means gold is going down. I don’t think that is true anymore. The key thing going forward is the banks trying to manage the gold price, and by managing price, they can manage sentiment. By managing sentiment, they hope to control physical demand because physical demand is what will break the banks. That’s how the whole circle fits together.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Craig Hemke, founder of TFMetalsReport.com.

[Zurich Times] Bill Holter is saying much the same thing and sometimes the most obvious is not obvious until it is pointed at to some. Readers should understand that now with negative interests your DEBT has more value than your CASH.

Because you are being penalized for holding cash and being rewarded for borrowing more debt because this PONZI SCHEME knows no bounds and they are now just printing money ad finitum aka forever and ever then it all comes crashing down.


We are truly living the Bizarro World of Seinfeld, where something is just not right. Everything looks fine on the outside, but something is just not right and we can see and feel and laugh about it but unable to really understand it. Because Worlds Should not Collide, but when Worlds Collide between one George and another George then we have a problem, Houston.

Perhaps next we will experiment with what the British have been doing in paying just the INTEREST portion of their MORTGAGES using paying any of the PRINCIPAL. Yes that is not a science fiction movie, but a more historical war documentary for the numbers of lives ruined and lost.

Here is The Guardian reporting on this practice that endlessly disastrously in 2012, but like true Magick it made a come back again in 2015 and then again a year later we produced the same disastrous results in 2016.

“A flurry of lenders have returned to the interest-only mortgage market, but the move is unlikely to help homeowners who already rely on the controversial loans to ease their cashflow problems.


These home loans enable people to keep their repayments down in order to afford sky-high property prices, with only the interest and not the capital paid back each month. They were seen as one of the worst examples of irresponsible lending in the years running up to the credit crunch, when their popularity soared.

The majority of deals were taken out without any proof that borrowers could pay off their debt. By the end of 2012 most lenders had stopped lending on an interest-only basis after tightening their mortgage rules.”

It is then no wonder that British Property Funds have simply stopped trading since Brexit. Simple stopped because they cannot pay their dividends as in they are taking your money no problem, but just cannot give you any return on it. How is that not a bankrupted corporation doing business literally and figuratively as a legal corpse; dead on arrival and therefore it was all null and void from the start, but because of our consent it all functioned like a Frankensteinian Corpse. Truly a monster we ourselves created and then consented to.

As of the first week of July we were already at Domino #7 according to ZeroHedge;


“Instead of suspending trading and implicitly disallowing redemptions, giant fund manager Aberdeen, also known as Domino #7 if the UK ok commercial real estate collapse, has forced investors in its UK Property fund to take a 17% haircut wiping hundreds of millions of dollars off its value. The fund stated that shareholders wishing to redeem will do so at a reduced price in order to reflect the current market environment and the fact that short term trading in the property market has "relatively penal consequences.”

That was Domino #7, but here is the news on “Domino #1: *STANDARD LIFE INV PROPERTY DROPS 15%; TRADING IN FUND SUSPENDED;

In a stark flashback to the catalytic event that ultimately brought down Bear Stearns in 2008, and subsequently unleashed the greatest financial crisis in history, last night we reported that Standard Life, has been forced to stop retail investors selling out of one of the UK’s largest property funds for at least 28 days after rapid cash outflows were sparked by fears over falling real estate values.”

[Zurich Times] The writing was on the WALL as in WALL STREET. They were called “STOCK BROKERS”; that was not a lie, but rather a warning. They were going to make your BROKER than you were BEFORE with the STOCKS they told you to BUY. They told you clearly and plainly, but your delusion exceeded their deceit and hence with our consent the entire system continued to grind on.