WORKPLACE VIOLENCE & THE ACTIVE SHOOTER – Signs Symptoms and Solutions PDF version


Sometimes the Times we are facing are actually Trials and Tribulations for which we should be Grateful? 

For a completely different perspective on this matter of violence and anger and the root cause of such emotions.

Part 1 of 5 on the 17 Benefits of Trials and Tribulations

The Problem of Good and Evil is also discussed in this series of videos. What readers should note in particular is that changing perspective and bringing awareness to any issue or a problem or a situation changes it. The simple act of observation and awareness of matters has the ability to change reality and our consciousness.

If you want to let Hate consume you it will and will have no regrets either. Hate has no its own agenda. Hate only serves to fuel our base emotions that lead to violence. Awareness requires Perspective and Peace and that is the harder path to choose and the road less travelled.