[White RabbitThis is an excerpt from a lecture given at The Prophecy Club many years ago from an Ex-High Priest in the Church of Satan, Stephen Dollins. The segment of the lecture featured in this video specifically pertains to Pokemon. However, I highly recommend you watch the original lecture, in its totality. He gives one of the best testimonies I’ve heard, and goes over a lot of occult symbolism that would be useful for my newer subscribers to familiarize themselves with.


Best Versions of the Full Lecture;
Part One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUmOZ5C_Ajk
Part Two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80w1i3o59mY

[Zurich Times] What is amazing about this video by Stephen Dollins is that as a former Satanist he knows his material and this lecture was based on the old Pokemon video games and not even the new craze aka demonic possession that has overtaken Humanity recently with the new release of this game. 

His presentation from back in 1997 (yes 20 years ago) seems even more relevant today given his past and the background material he covers in terms of explaining how Magick works and how they are all directed at your children. And now with Millennials we are dealing with adults who are acting like children and who still want to make believe that they are still children into their 20s and 30s.

Magic, The Gathering the card game was even used to teach Math to children in schools and as parents we are completely oblivious to the influences of our chidlren in school. We posted an earlier article on this topic on how the school curriculum in Ireland was also teaching highly disturbing materials related to Black Magic and Satan Worship.


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  • Please note what Stephen Dollins is saying here in terms of Make Believe and Magic and Reality. For children up to the age of 7 there is no difference between these three words or concepts. As a child you are taking in everything as real and literal; there is no separation between Reality and Make Believe. 

    [Babble] Since Freud, psychologists have suggested that for little children, the boundary between reality and fantasy is blurry. The imaginary life of kids is powerful and sways their perceptions of the real world until they master adult rationality and logic. The famous pioneer of developmental psychology, Jean Piaget, said that kids in the preoperational stage of cognitive growth (ages two to seven) use magical thinking until they learn the properties of physics and reality – a trial and error process that takes years.

    The more likely reason that imagination and fact can blend together is that little kids have acute powers of perception – they ‘re experts at seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking, and imagining – but they can’t reflect on those perceptions. In other words, they think a lot, but they don’t yet think about thinking. When adults wake up from a scary dream, the primitive brain feels the emotion, but our advanced reasoning can see it with a bird’s eye view and put it in context. Kids, on the other hand, operate more from the gut, with less contemplation or insight about what they’ve experienced.


    An Introduction to Princess / Warrior Programming with Freeman Fly


    Their mind has not understood the concept of Fantasy hence the power of Disney movies because everything they are seeing on the screen is real for them. And if they are being allowed to watch and enjoy such cartoons then it must be right and acceptable; whatever is contained in that cartoon regardless of the message or implications. 

    No wonder Disney loves to kills Mothers and break apart families as a form of Trauma Based Mind Programming aka Traumatic Bonding for Children. If these observations and conclusions are not disturbing to you and you do not think you are being affected by these influences then you have crossed over to the Dark Side and do not even know it. 

    Here is an example of “just innocent fun” of our modern days;

    Photoshoot with Children as “bloodied and beaten zombie corpses” [GRAPHIC]


    Magic pervades our modern day western civilization and its in our TV, our schools, our cartoons, and hence everywhere and most of us not even aware of it.If readers think their children are special and not affected, then let time pass and they will inevitably have a surprise for you when you are older and in less of a position to do anything anymore and they are now the adults.