How to Make Sense of the Attacks on France using the 5W2H Framework

[Zurich Times] The latest horror story from France today with the beheading of Priest inside a Church during Mass. Such incidents capture our fears, dreams and imaginations once again for all the wrong reasons. Are these terror attacks connected to other world events? Yes. Absolutely yes.

For example, It was just a few days that France announced that it would be sending another aircraft carrier to Syria to help with the only authentic anti-Demons of Daesh aka ISIL/ISIS which is being led by Russia with the covert help of the Iranians and Hezbollah Militia from Lebanon.

[ZeroHedge] Seemingly not satisfied with the domestic blowback from their interventionist-driven Washingtonian foreign policy, Francois Hollande – lagging badly in the polls – has decided to double-down following the recent terror attack in Nice. As Sputnik News reports, France will send artillery to Iraq and its Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to assist the US-led coalition’s efforts in Syria and Iraq in the coming months.The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will be sent to the region in September, the President added.

Whenever France has expressed support for Russia in the war in Syria and wider the Levant it has paid a price with domestic acts of terror perpetrated by locals on locals. We almost lost the Eiffel Tower when the Nice Truck Terror Attack took place. That would been 911 like symbolism to lose such an iconic tower.

We have written about the repeated attacks on France in particular and related it back to the Curse of the Jacques de Molay, the Last Grand Master of the FreeMasons who was burnt to death in Paris, France and the Jesuit Khazarian Luciferian Cabal have not forgotten that act against them and so France must pay higher and higher prices.

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These incidents remind us of Hollywood movies. They are scenes from a movie that a screen writer and producer are putting together and then under the direction of the Director and the Actors the movie is being played out.

Here is how the sh*% flows downhill in this pyramid of filthy trouble makers.

The Pyramid of Planned Terror

  • Screen Writers = Jesuit Khazarian Luciferian Cabal Magicians based in Hollywood practicing Crowleyism
  • Producer – Military Industrial Complex that enables them with financing, logistics, weapons, and detailed execution of plans
  • Director = the UnIntelligence Agencies (Mossad/CIA/FBI/MI6/etc.) that coordiate the Paid Mind Controlled Patsies aka the Actors.
  • Crisis Actors = Paid Mind Controlled Demon Possessed Patsies aka Demons of Daesh aka ISIL/ISIS

The 5W2H Framework

Lets us breakdown this situation further the readers. Let us use the 5W2H Framework to analyze the fear of this unknown. The FEAR of the unknown is what causes both FEAR and stress and leads inevitably to the shutting down of civil society. And it this FEAR that the entire Movie is focused on. Create FEAR and then let the Jesuit Khazarian Luciferian Cabal HARVEST that ENERGY. Because they live off and feed off that Energy which we give them with our CONSENT.

These are the 10 Steps to Shut Down an Open Civilized Society that Naomi Wolf talks about.

  • We do not know WHEN they will strike?
  • We do not know WHERE they will strike?
  • We do not know WHO they will strike?
  • We do not know WHAT they will excite?
  • We do not know WHY we are powerless to stop these strikes?

When we do not know any of the 5Ws they are truly in trouble as a society; rudderless and paddleless sailing down the river. If we are still in denial that sailing down the river has no meaning whatsoever and good luck with your meeting with Abu Simbel. If you care about being in this situation then the last part of the framework will help you to understand better.

  • HOW can we end these strikes?
  • HOW MUCH more will we tolerate before civil society reacts?

The REACTIONS will lead to SOLUTIONS of two types;

  • A) more repressive laws within a ever tightening control grid.
  • B) civilian vigilantes squads will emerge leading to civil strife within neighbourhoods and ghettos in the cities.

REACTION because that is the middle part of another Framework called PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION.

Some readers do not seem to believe that people can be Demon Possessed and that it can enter you and leave you in an instance. Here are some examples from the backwoods of East facing Russia where Demons Possessions occur and are healed by the Church. Whereas in the Modern Civilized West we go to Church to get Demon Possessed by the Church Leaders who are covert Jesuit Khazarian Luciferian Cabal Double Agents.

Once again the evidence speaks for itself;

Here is Texe Mars explaining how People can Worship the Devil.

Our advice to those concerned;

  • Leave large cities and settle elsewhere where you have access to the basics (food, water, land, supplies, etc.)
  • Be prepared to defend yourself. Self Defence is a human right.
  • Reach out to your neighbours and be at peace with those around you. Trouble makers should get filtered, self-identified, and screened out during this process.

Good luck and be prepared for more to come because this process will not end with CIVIL action. The best migrant resettlement plan for MERKEL and the rest of the Jesuit Khazarian Luciferian Cabal would be to stop the War in Syria, but how can you stop a War that is driving your economy and providing so many Department of War aka Department of Defense and UnIntelligence Agency jobs?

Khazarian Zionist Mafia’s System of Cartels

Therefore the War will continue and the victims of that War will be brought to Europe to create new victims. That is the sick perverted logic and thinking of the Jesuit Khazarian Luciferian Cabal who thrive on War not Peace.

Now it your choice, dear Readers is it Peace or War you seek? If War or Peace then let us the 5W2H Framework once again to end this discussion.

War or Peace with WHO; for WHAT; WHEN should it start; WHERE are we going to start; and WHY is one or the other better? HOW can Civil society exist with War or Peace and HOW MUCH of a price are we willing to pay for a Civil Society?