Speculations on the Coming False Flags by Polarization Nation Media


The Policy Makers in Washington do not engage in War Mongering and False Flags, really?


This video provides a prelude to our main point of discussion; Alex Jones.

Shill Bill the Full Documentary


William Cooper on Alex Jones


[MotherBoard] Alex Jones’ chief research buddy is a chiropractor with a similar allergy to scientific data and a penchant for charisma and marketing. Survival Shield X-2 won’t save you from a nuclear holocaust, and Silver Bullet won’t magically cure your immune system. But it will pad the pockets of Alex Jones and help him scheme up new ways to scare you into paying him all over again.

[Zurich Times] It seems some people are finally taking on the phenomena of Alex Jones and the recent episode wth Cenk Uygur was really shameful race baiting by Alex and really has fallen from grace and sold out to the corporate elites whom he is criticizing while wink wink he is really playing along with them as a covert mole?

These exposes by Polarization Nation Media and Motherboard are worth watching and reading if you want to hear some interest facts about Alex Jones aka Bill Hicks aka Shill Bill?


We should, however point out that we have been a fan and follower for a long time, but recent behaviour has been turning us off and we are glad someone else has also noticed that after the vitamin sales went through the roof his personality changed. He is not the same person. The money has changed him. He was no longer the humble fighter he was when he was just a struggling TV show host on Austin Public Access TV.


We miss the old Alex, but doubt if that version of Alex will be coming back now that he has money to cushion the pain of all those years in the wilderness. He can no longer claim to be an outsider now that he is national news personality and his ratings are better than some Main Stream Media Channels.

He is now part and parcel of that Main Stream Media System that he so vehemently challenges. He has grown too big. He has no doubt been a driving force behind the rise of Trump thanks to links from Matt Drudge and the DrudgeReport and the help of Roger Stone which has propelled him into super stardom.

Here are some conditional points to consider when it comes to Alex Jones.

1. Never criticize your Paymasters aka the Khazarian Zionist Mafia

His analysis readers will also notice never mentions Zionism or criticism of Israel. They are always called some mysterious group of “Globalists”. The use of words are a key to his success. What is a Globalists? What movement is that part of? There is no such thing as a Globalist. Who identifies themselves as a Globalists. At least if you a member of Secret Society that fact is known and can be proven. There is no Globalist Club or Secret Society called “Globalists”.


2. Who is Bill Hicks?

And why does Alex get nervous that the mention of that name. Watch the
documentary and find out.

Alex Jones Is Bill Hicks – The Smoking Gun


3. Alex Jones and the Statfor connection. Notice his gulp momemt when a caller asks him about Statfor.

4. Free State of Jones Movie

We wrote about this aspect of Alex Jones a few months earlier, but nobody else seems to be picked up the relevance. This part is called Predictive Programming or Predictive Priming.

Free State of (Alex) Jones Movie Forecasting Second American Revolution

Was the recent Brexit referedum was a prelude to the Free Republic of Texas movement? Is that a reference to the new Free State of Jones movie and will Alex Jones will the new leader of that movement and eventual leader? 

The timing of the movie and the plot of the movie are very timely especially given his support for Trump. Will Trump crown Alex in breakaway Republic of Texas?



5. Donald Marshall claims he saw Alex at the Underground Bases

Donald Marshall has come forward to expose the Illuminati Cloning program that runs rampant in Politics and Hollywood. He claims to have seen Alex Jones there doing things involving some pretty graphic things, but the key reference to something called “eating shallow”; see links below for further details. We cannot verify his testimony without either getting arrested or whacked because this type of news verification is a rather dangerous life choice.