Here is a Beginner’s Guide to the Flat Earth. This movement will be the undoing of NASA and hence all the Shills and Trolls who pounce of any such posts and videos. 

When you are doing battle with Coincidence Theorists do not concern yourself with how they are objecting to the Flat Earth, which usually involved a lot of mockery and ridicule and little less, but rather ask yourself WHY are they objecting. Focus on their motives because that will be much more telling and their motives will give them away.

Go ahead Shills and Trolls vote for Shillary and Troll all you want, it really keeps us entertained.

“When are creating a Bullsh*t story you can have physical evidence can you…”  – Eric Dubay, Flat Earth Truther

Here is how nonsensical the Coincidence Theorists are. They want us who are asking questions about the true nature of our reality in the ancient tradition of seeking knowledge to accept that the Earth is a giant spinning ball where the ocean waters never go flying off or people in Australia are somehow right now standing straight up when they are supposedly living down under in an upside down position on the Spinning Globe Model. These scientific hypotheses cannot even be proven, but we should accept them as facts?

A scientific hypothesis that cannot be verified or duplicated or reproduced = a fact according to these Coincidence Theorists. Yes that is how naive we have been all these years. It was truly a spell they cast over us, but finally we have woken to the reality of this world. The Masonic Magicians of Hollywood and NASA have failed and this single issue – the Flatness of the Earth will be their undoing and they know it.

It is time for us to go back to the Pipe and Mom’s Basement as our Trolling Brothers and Sisters keep telling us. So we are now going to rest and recover and enjoy another Flat Earth video.

Some quickies for those not living in their Mom’s Basement or who will be hitting the Pipe later as they schedules as are not pretty much clear for rest of the day.

Flat Earth – Why the Lie?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says Earth is Pear Shaped

The previous videos were for Beginners, now here is the Advanced Level Classes;

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball Videobook

Sun, Moon, and Stars Prove the Flat Earth

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