The Islamic Connection between the Cult of Osiris and ISIS by Walter Veith.

When you hijack and take all 3 Abrahamic Traditions to their destruction only then can you rebuild a New World Order and with a New World Religion under the Shining Light of Lucifer. That was the Grand Strategy behind the Morals and Dogma play book by Albert Pike the Freemasonic Magician. And that the world events we are witnessing today reflects this strategy and vision.

It was all a Grand Deception. The powers behind the Terror of ISIS were in fact the same people behind the Governments of Europe and America.

Morals and Dogma [01]: I. Preface – Apprentice

Morals and Dogma PDF Book

So when you are looking  at the Terror attacks in Europe and elsewhere readers should always keep in mind the Grand Strategy at play here. It is the Hegelian Dialect of Thesis and Anti Thesis resulting in a Grand Synthesis. Produce the Problem with the expected Reaction and then like Magic and with Magick present the Solution.

The Hegelian Dialectic – the Illuminati Cryptocracy

Never forget who your enemy is.Only when and if you forget will you then be lost.