We longer CONSENT to our OWN SLAVERY.

The choice is yours to make in this timeline.

Archangel Michael, Open Letter to Ascending Starseeds


Alien Contactee Simon Parkes concurs and provides some insightful thoughts a few topics summarized below;


  • Shifting Timeliens after 2012 and which one we are in now
  • CERN and the Alien Entity that is roaming th Tunels there
  • Our Consent and Consciousness are tied together
  • Our Collective Awareness is and can change Timelines
  • Reptilian Control over the Elites still exists
  • There is an incoming Cosmic Object; it will be difficult, but not the end

Perhaps something did end and change and begin all at the same time as the Mayans did rightly forecast that it would the end of this world and the beginning of another ERA.

The Mandela Effect changes would certain make sense then because we are sure it was “Build It and They will Come”- some parts of our memory still work.

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