John Pilger is interviewed by the folks at WikiLeaks and provides some great insight into the 3 Headed Monsters of the TPP, TTIP and the TISA.

Any such agreements that are being negotiated without China, Russia or India and which is done in Secret without any proper disclosure to the Public then readers should be able to smell a Giant Rat.

Some explanation of these terms;

  • TTIP – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
  • TTP – TransPacific 


  • TISA – Trade and Services Agreement

Only within Demoncracy – rule by and for Demons could we negotiate an agreement that will be legally binding, where there was no Public input, but full Multi-National Corporation involvement at the Head of the Negotiating Tables. 

We are handing over utter control over our businesses, laws, and rights on a wholesale basis to Corporations to rule over us and some will be bold enough to conclude there is no New World Order being berthed as in Pax Judaica.

There is a reason then why such deals are being cut in the backrooms in Secret because if the Pubic understood what was being done once again in their Name and by their Silence aka Consent then they would be rioting in the streets, but instead we are drinking chemical cocktails aka beer, eating GMO chicken wings and watching mind control programming aka TV like good little Sheeples.

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That was some background, but the bad news continues as some parts of the TPP has already been agreed to.

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