[Zurich Times] The WikiLeaks and Julian Assange story is not going away and it looks like either Hillary or Trump will benefit from these leaks. What will it take to get the masses on to the reality of Hillary. 

And if Trump is duping and deceiving all of us then it has to be one the greatest hoax of all times.

The dirty tricks campaign against anyone that dares to take on the Clinton includes;

  • IRS Audits
  • Email hacking
  • Bank account hacking
  • Prison
  • Death

Beware anyone that seeks Power so badly and with such zeal. What are they really after and what will they do when they get into Power?

At this moment in History we are all Witnesses to the Crimes against Humanity and will all have to collectively answer for our choices; consent or dissent were the choices before us.

Padre Pio speaks to the Two Witnesses from Heaven

Who are the Two Witnesses and who will be left to Witness the Truth and to Speak the Truth when there is nobody left to Speak to Listen.

Only with Discernment and Revelation will the Truth be know in these times of Deception.

JACINTA 1972 DECODED – The Chastisement Revealed

Only when we lose perspective of who our Enemy truly was and how he deceived then we are really the truly Losers.

We are not headed towards Death, but rather towards Eternity. How and where do you want to spend your Eternity?