Forget Mandela Effects, Think QUANTUM POLLUTION w/Anthony Patch

The Mandela Effect is now affecting many things including the JFK assassination and the D-Wave Computer that runs at the Quantum Level is what may be the key to the changes are are experiencing.


[Mirror UK] WARNING: Disturbing footage. A group of cloaked figures appear to gather in the courtyard before a woman in white enters and kneels on the ground

Chilling ‘satanic human sacrifice’ video spooks scientists working at world’s biggest particle accelerator CERN

This chilling mysterious video shows a group of ‘researchers’ at the CERN Large Hadron Collider staging a chilling ‘satanic human sacrifice’ ritual.

The footage shows a group of cloaked men gathering in a courtyard around a statue at the facility in Geneva, Switzerland.

But CERN has declared that the video is fake, and claims that the ritual was simply researchers and scientists coming to work at the facility ‘taking their sense of humour too far.’

The facility is home to the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, known as the Large Hadron Collider.

Its aim is to allow physicists to test the predictions of different theories of particle physics.


It first started up on 10 September 2008 and was built over a decade by over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 different countries.

In the clip, there appears to be at least eight figures standing in the shadows, before one man moves into the centre of the group.

Moments later, a woman wearing a white dress enters and kneels on the stone floor.

The woman the seems to lie down on the ground before a man in a cloak approaches her with his hands raised above his head.

Viewers of the footage speculate the man is holding a knife which he appears to plunge into the woman’s chest before the clip suddenly cuts off.

In the background, a man recording the mysterious ritual – who also appears to be wearing a cloak – can be heard swearing loudly as he watches the horrifying scene.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by ‘Richie from Boston’ who wrote: “This is new footage caught on the grounds of CERN, videotaped from inside the building.

"If it’s real, that’s horrible, if it’s a staged ritual, that’s equally bad.

He later added: "So it turns out the origin of the video posted for the sacrifice at CERN has been found – the problem is, the man is dead. Now hoax or no hoax, let me remind you all we have seen this before and we know all that expose this evil are killed or made to disappear.”

A spokesman for CERN told “This video is a work of fiction. CERN fills up with visitors over summer, with users from across the world who come to CERN as part of their work, and some of whom occasionally let their sense of humour go too far.

"That is what has happened on this occasion. CERN does not condone this kind of spoof.”

Here are some of the disturbing development that are related to the CERN and the Quantum Pollution Theory;

  • The RSA Encryption Code has been broken by the D-WAVe Quantum Computer
  • The D-WAVE computer is operating with an AI technology that is more powerful than 70 Billion Human Brains
  • Satanic Rituals are being performed at CERN
  • CERN uses at least one of these D-WAVE Quantum Computers
  • The Key to the Bottomless Pit is believe to be on the goals of the Luciferian Elites
  • CERN is trying to rip a tear into the fabric of Space Time to access alternative and parallel universes and dimensions
  • Someone or something group has been selling the technology behind the hack of the NSA

Shadowy hacker group puts alleged NSA cyber weapon up for sale

[Debka File] A group of hackers calling itself “Shadow Brokers” claimed Monday that it is in possession of a powerful cyber weapon that it stole from the NSA, and that it will sell the weapon to the highest bidder.

The weapon is said to include the code that the US government uses to bypass firewalls, routers and other means of defense used by hostile intelligence organizations as well as foreign governments, armies, strategic facilities and research institutions.

Although the alleged weapon is said to be from 2013, meaning that it is somewhat outdated, experts believe the weapon is authentic and from around the same period that Edward Snowden released the documents he stole from the NSA.

The hackers, who are demanding more than half a billion dollars, released pieces of code in an effort to prove the authenticity of the alleged weapon and the seriousness of their intentions. DEBKAfile’s cyber and technology experts add that such a hacking of the NSA computer systems would be a serious threat for two reasons:        

1. If the hackers can still use the method and tools they allegedly used to gain access to the weapon, it is possible that the group is not selling stolen items but rather the tools for breaking into the NSA computer network.

2. Even if such a weapon is out of date, it would be highly valuable to foreign intelligence organizations as they could use it to learn the methods, techniques and means used by the NSA.
DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources add that the offer to sell a cyber weapon could also be a deception by one of the 16 American intelligence and security services, including the NSA itself, or a foreign organization.  

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