CREEPY! Mysterious Phantom Clown Sightings.

SecureTeam10 provides an excellent explanation of this phenomena. It is time to be wary of these so-called “clowns”.

Recently there was a report of a young girl brining a knife to school because she was scared of these clowns. The “desired” or intended affect on the community seems nefarious and seems to be another assault on our senses.

[CBS Boston] Police say a fearful 11-year-old Georgia girl who took a knife to school told officers she needed the weapon to fend off clowns.

The Athens Banner-Herald reports the girl was arrested Friday at Burney-Harris-Lyons Middle School in Athens amid reports and social media posts about clowns frightening children in Georgia and other states.

An Athens-Clarke County police report states the girl said she needed the knife to protect her and her family because she had heard the stories about clowns jumping out of the woods and attacking children.

Some people still think thee are just “pranks.”