[Zurich Times] The TR3B or Triangle UFO was spotted and filmed in Ladner, British Columbia Canada. Who or what where they looking for? Why were they in this region?

These TR3B sightings all have the same type of slow hovering craft which travels within a giant plasma ball of light that provides an artificial gravity defeating bubble which allows it to jump from place to place rather than glide or travel to places.

The lack of quick auto focus from this video adds to the credibility of this video or detracts from it; viewers and readers must once again discern.


However, denying that these crafts exists and the military has been hiding such technology from the public means they will pay a heavy price when it is finally exposed for all of humanity to see. And it is our contention that Wikileaks, Snowden, Hollywood Movies such as the recent Bourne and Suicide Squad movies are slowly providing disclosure.

They are desensitization us to the eventual release of this information. It can be called “soft disclosure” and we fill in the pieces and use our power of judgement. Because “full disclosure” means the military has been compromised or fallen or something else of a seismic nature has occurred in the global power structure.


This collection of UFO sightings are now becoming so common that to deny them just seems foolish. The body of evidence is too strong to deny now therefore the “controlled” and “soft disclosure” we are now seeing with accidental “hacks of email servers” and other “hacks” of notable government and non-governmental agencies. Rather than them admitting what we already suspect, they can deny and provide facile explanations while the truth seems quite clear if you are eyes to see and ears to hear the truth.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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