Farsight Institute’s Time-Cross October 2016 Predictions


[Zurich Times] It is with some hesitation that we post this video about the Farsight Institute’s Remote Viewing in September the Events to come in October, 2016. And these videos and articles are just our attempt at trying to connect the dots and put the pieces of this mystery together before we no longer have an internet connection.

For the first weeks of the month these forecasts did not make much sense, but now with the recent Cyber Attacks and the Russian Naval Fleet steaming towards the Syria War Theatre and the Ultimatum’s issued by Putin for the Levant through the Plutonium Treaty then with these combined developments we have to pay some attention to this video.

In this presentation we can clearly see that the Farsight Remote Viewers are seeing a major attack on a developed country and it revolves around Electricity, Internet and Banking related infrastructure. And we just witnessed the largest Cyber Attacks in History.

DebkaFile offers an excellent analysis of what just took place. Their article is below.

[DebkaFile] A cyberattack on Oct. 21 used millions of internet-connected devices to flood the infrastructure of one of the biggest internet routing companies in the US with malicious traffic until it crashed. The attack started on the East Coast but soon spread westward in three waves during the day.

Cyber experts suspect that this unprecedented assault, on a massive scale that points to a state hacker – whether Russia, China or North Korea – may have been staged as a rehearsal for the main show, the disruption of America’s Nov. 8 elections.

There is increasing concern that voters in the 31 states, where civilians and American troops overseas may cast their ballots by Internet, will find their websites disabled by hackers. Around one million US voters would be affected, a critical figure in a tight presidential race between the Democratic and Republican contenders that could create mayhem for American democracy.

It seems that unlike previous distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, the hackers succeeded in wielding a novel weapon, which is the “next big thing” in malware, known in tech parlance as the “Internet of Things” (IOT). Not only are computers connected to websites directly attacked, but millions of internet-connected devices smart home gadgets, like cameras, baby monitors, remote garage openers, smart refrigerators, DVDs are infected without their owners’ knowledge with software that exposes them to be used by hackers to swamp the victims with overwhelming traffic.

Since these internet-connected devices are easy to use and relatively cheap, little attention was given to information security when they are developed. For some time, cyber experts have been warning of the potential for major cyber damage from IOT.

The Internet networks in the eastern US were almost completely shut down on Friday morning (local time) when one of the biggest domain name system providers, the Dyn DNS Company, was struck down.

Dyn reported that starting at 7:10am, its DNS servers came under a DDoS attack, which floods servers with huge amounts of malicious traffic. Users reported problems that sporadically shut down several websites, including Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb, Reddit, Etsy, SoundCloud and The New York Times.

The first wave lasted about 90 minutes.

The second wave, which started two hours later, knocked out many West Coast internet sites offline.

DEBKAfile’s cyber defense and intelligence sources report that investigators are looking into two possible causes of the Oct. 21 onslaught.
One was named by US Vice President Joe Biden, who promised during an Oct. 14 interview with NBC, after Democratic Party emails were hacked, that Washington’s response to Russian cyberattacks “will be at a time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact.”

Rather than waiting for the blow to fall, it is possible that Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to send a clear warning to Washington not to start a cyber war with Moscow.

Another possible culprit may be a company seeking revenge for its public denunciation by a Dyn Company leader for developing advanced means and methods for carrying out DDoS attacks.


[The Verge] Several other websites were shut down as an apparent result of the attack. Among those appeared to be Reddit, Airbnb, Tumblr, Amazon, and The New York Times, although the final list of those affected seems to be much longer. An outage map shows the scope of the problem:

[Zurich Times] To address each on these issues as a whole we have to conclude that the statements from Putin are not Terms for Peace, but rather the terms of Surrender that have been issued to the existing and the upcoming new or perhaps a continuation of the old American Administration. Putin is telling the Americans what he expects from them we they are defeated in Syria and in the wider Levant region.

If indeed this Cyber Attack was just a dress rehearsal for another major upcoming even then we have just two more Fridays left before the November 8th USA Presidential Elections.

Let us not forget that in September a similar event occured when all Yahoo Accounts were revealed to have been handed over to the NSA.

And earlier this year 9 Banks were hacked into for a 30 day period. And the Bangladesh Central Bank SWIFT inter banking transfer system lost $100 million in another hacking case.

It is with such steps that the march towards World War III began. That is how the history books will record this time in history and we will be asked about these times by later generations and we should be prepared to provide an accurate record of what took place. Otherwise the Clinton News Network (CNN) version of history will be recorded as the official version and there will be no voices of discontent and reason that will raise their voices.

As the Demons of Daesh are transferred from Mosul (the ancient city of Nivevah from where Jonah or Prophet Yunus left his people in frustration in case we have forgotten history) by the American Special Forces pretending to be a team of of 5,000 Special Advisors the battle is shifting from one city to another.

In another words the Americans along with their Zionist Collaboraters in Israel, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan pretend to be liberating the Sunni Muslims in a fight against the Shia Muslims, but in fact they are all closet secret Cabalist Luciferians answering the call of a different entity they mistake as God i.e, Lucifer. 

It has taken Humanity 5 years to finally muster the forces and the courage to confront these Demons. Because it was in Mosul that the Demons of Daesh aka ISIL/ISIS began there Zionist sponsored and coordinated battle to defeat the Levant.