[Zurich Times] If there was any doubt left that indeed Satan is on the Campaign trail in the United States Corporation Fake Elections then just watch these series of videos that show Reverse Speech Analysis of Sanders, Trump, Hillary and McCain. 

They may lie to your face with sweet words and innocent faces, but the Reverse Speech seems to reveal the truth without their even knowing it. 

There is still time to clinch this election away from the Camp and Campaign of Satan as the “Evening Voters” in the West Coast of America still have a chance to watch these videos and redeem themselves.

Here is a Sampler video on Reverse Speech to get started.


Another video to help change the mind of the Mind of the American Voter who seems to have succumbed to the Black Magick and Witchcraft of the Luciferian Pedophile Elites.


Reverse Speech Analysis of Hillary Clinton – Her Greatest Hits

David Oates, the man behind these Reverse Speech Videos was interviewed by Jeff Rense and the interview is worth listening to to understand how and why this form of speech analysis works and should be given credibility.


David Oates with Jeff Rense on Reverse Speech and the Presidential Elections

Listen to Abby Martin of RT as she summarizes the entire disgusting Pedophile Ring known as the Politicians of the Washington DC Swamp. How people can still doubt the influence of Hillary practicing Witchcraft with her Wizard pal Podesta is beyond belief, but possible only in America.

And let us not forget this classic reversal from Obama referencing Satan.


Obama’s famous “Yes We Can” = “Thank you Satan”

The Good news is that we have almost survived the Satanic Obama Administration, but will Humanity survive the Witch Hillary?


We are fully behind the “Macadoos”.