My name is Marina Abramovic and I am a performance artist.

In my late 20s, I started to make performance, pushing my mental and physical boundaries.

For 12 years, I made work with my lover and fellow artist Ulay – living like nomads through Europe, Australia and Asia, where we ended our personal and professional relationship on the Great Wall of China.

Through years of happiness, heartbreak, fear, success, failure, I continue to confront the challenges that face me, so I can understand and shift human consciousness.

I released recently my memoir Walk Through Walls.

On Wednesday November 30th at 1PM EST / 10AM PST, I will be answering your questions on Tumblr. That is a very special day for me, because it is also my 70th birthday. I am excited to spend it with this community.

Ask your questions here.

(Ph: Marco Anelli

The Spirit Cooking Witch heself will be answering questions on Nov 30th. Please try to attend and ask her some questions we can can understand why she is engaging in blood sacrifice rituals.