Children’s Fight Club with Live Animals – the Imagine Dragons Muzik Video! [Graphic Content and Discussion]

[CraveOnline] This ain’t no ordinary Fight Club! What begins as a gritty underground fighting ring scene on Imagine Dragons’ latest video for their single “Radioactive” actually becomes a silly underground puppet-fighting ring in which neo-Muppets slaughter each other.

Even stranger is the fact that the clip stars Lou Diamond Phillips (Southland), Alexandra Daddario (Parenthood) and a bunch of dismembered plush characters. Have a look for yourself:

[ZurichTimes] That was a very very very mild description of the this Satanic Muzik Video. What is actually being shown here in code and remember dear readers and listeners that Hollywood Magicians always speak in Tongues aka Code. Their job is to Deceive and to tell yout the Truth that is Disguised as Entertainment or Muzik.

It is all there in Plain Sight and Writing. They even called their Album “Smoke and Mirrors” as in Deceit and Deception.

Therefore it is our responsibility and our ability to decode and discern the truth from the Garbage they show us. This Garbage is not Entertainment it is a very sinister and wicked form of Mind Entrainment. We should be viewing these videos as Education and not as Entertainment.

A Previous Post on the Concept of Entrainment and Hollywood is below;

How Entrainment or Biomusicology is used for Social Engineering

Therefore this video is showing what happens to Children in a Literal Sense without a Joke or a Giggle or Smirk. Children are thrown into pits where Animals rip them apart and men with Money watch with amusement and glee. That is the Society we are now living in. And we celebrate it with Muzik Videos. That is how disgusting and depraved Humanity has become.

Don Marshall the Whistleblower has confirmed this fact and now the recent PizzaGate revelations also further corroborate these happenings.

[DonaldMarshall Revolution] Children are always in high demand there, says Marshall, explaining that the reason he was originally brought to the cloning center at age 5 was to service the members as a “diddle kid”, a child to be sexually used, abused and discarded in time.

Marshall explains that many at the cloning center have told him that watching him create new music was the most magical thing in the world. Marshall says that when he was singing, the crowds were entertained and, for a moment, not engaged in the acts of depravity that often occurs there in the pit.

Marshall states that the brutal acts of blood-sport, the perverse sex parties, and the free-for-alls available at the cloning center take place in the dirt pit of the cloning center arena; where some enjoy the wild debauchery, while others participate and just pretend to have fun.

For that reason, Marshall says that when he created new music on the spot, the others there would be allowed to return to their stadium seats, sit in the darkness and enjoy the show.

[ZurichTimes] We are dealing with pure Satanic Demons and Devils and their Followers that are part of the Human Race. Who are these people that are in Collusion with the Demons? The answer lies in the Synagogue of Satan. If readers and listeners do not want to believe us then at least listen to Texe Marrs who is a former University Professor and a well research author on this subject.

The Trump WhiteHouse has already been Hijacked by Them and Pax Judaica was birthed on September 11, 2001. Nathan, the secular Jewish Boy that died for 15 minutes and came back from the Dead also confirms that on September 11, 2015 the War of Gog began. 

15 Year-Old Secular Jewish Boy Nathan’s Vision of WWIII on Blood Moon: Gog Magog Future of Israel

And what happened the following year the Wicked Witch of the West aka Hillary Rodham Clinton the former Hebrew Language Teacher or a Clone of her died or collapsed as further Symbolism and Confirmation of the importance of this Occult Ritualistic Date. So are dates and incidents and symbols important? Yes absolutely they are.

Listen to amazing video as Texe Marrs breaks down how Jared Kushner the Orthodox Jew has taken over the process of running the WhiteHouse from Stealth. All the evidence is provided. And it was even reported in the MSM via Forbes. 

It is no wonder than Mr. Kushner with his newly minted Jewess Wife Ivanka Trump own an entire building on 666 Fifth Avenue. No small feat or coincidence. And also let us not overlook that this Mr. Kushner is the son of a Tax Evading Cheat who has been Jailed. So a Tax Fraud Convict Jewish Family has now taken over the running of the WhiteHouse.

Our gut instinct was perhaps right that Trump is going to be to Poor Whites what Obama was to Poor Blacks; a massive Con Job and Planted Agent of the UnderWorld. 

Rudy Giuliani in Drag Smooching Donald Trump

We would have never believed the Evil of Obama until we saw it first hand and again we will not believe the Evil of Trump/Kushner until we experience again first hand. We want Hope and that is exactly what they Prey upon with their Evil. Hence Obama’s “Yes we Can” in reverse means “Thank You Satan”.

Hence Pax Judaica was birthed 15 years ago and is still going strong. Now they own the WhiteHouse. War with Russia is next we presume since no other enemies are left on the battlefield.

Hence the passing of House Resolution 5732 House Resolution 5732, called the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act” to impose a No Fly Zone over Syria. 

Why a reference to Caesar? Remember what happened to Caesar? He has stabbed in the back by another Judas and it seems like we have forgotten History once Again to our own detriment; “Et tu, Brute?”

Here is a short passage from the Forbes article all about Mr. Kusnher after Texe Marrs video was published about the tenant and owner of 666 Fifth Avenue;

[Forbes] Winners will emerge shortly. But today’s focus is on the biggest loser: New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who has just been fired from his role leading the transition, along with most of the people associated with him. The episode is being characterized as a “knife fight” that ends in a “Stalinesque purge.”

The most compelling figure in this intrigue, however, wasn’t in Trump Tower. Jared Kushner was three blocks south, high up in his own skyscraper, at 666 Fifth Avenue, where he oversees his family’s Kushner Companies real estate empire. Trump’s son-in-law, dressed in an impeccably tailored gray suit, sitting on a brown leather couch in his impeccably neat office, displays the impeccably polite manners that won the 35-year-old a dizzying number of influential friends even before he had gained the ear, and trust, of the new leader of the free world.

“Six months ago Governor Christie and I decided this election was much bigger than any differences we may have had in the past, and we worked very well together,” he says with a shrug. “The media has speculated on a lot of different things, and since I don’t talk to the press, they go as they go, but I was not behind pushing out him or his people.”

The speculation was well-founded, given the story’s Shakespearean twist: As a U.S. attorney in 2005, Christie jailed Kushner’s father on tax evasion, election fraud and witness tampering charges. Revenge theories aside, the buzz around Kushner was directional and indicative. A year ago he had zero experience in politics and about as much interest in it. Suddenly he sits at its global center. Whether he plunged the dagger into Christie–Trump insiders insist the Bridgegate scandal did him in–is less important than the fact that he easily could have. And that power comes well-earned.

[ZurichTimes] There you have dear readers and listeners the real story behind the Game of Thrones that is taking place within the Trump Khazarian Zionist Mafia Tower. Ex Convicts with Billions and Kabbalah Black Magicians are the ones Americans just voted into Office. It was a choice between either a Female Witch or a Male Wizard! Choices fitting for Demoncracy and a Shakespearean play, indeed.

And as a last note just take a look at how important Hollywood considers this address of 666 Fifth Avenue to be for the why the Young Zionist Khazarian Jewish Prince lives and does business there;


In film

  • A full frontal view at night time can be seen in How to Murder Your Wife (1965).
  • A high POV shot from behind St. Patrick’s Cathedral looking at the intersection of 52nd Street and Fifth Avenue appears in the film Godspell (1973).
  • The roof of the building can be seen (fittingly) in John Boorman’s Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977).
  • The opening lunch scene for the movie The Wolf of Wall Street was filmed in the former Top of the Six’s restaurant.

In print

  • This building is featured in the novel Good Omens (1990), with the Top of the Six’s restaurant as the headquarters for Famine.

[ZurichTimes] Are we getting the bigger picture here about who the Hosts and who are the Humans from another Hollywood production called the 5th Wave in which Humanity is taken over by an Alien Race in Concert and Collusion with the Military and Political Elites; how ironic.