Richard Alan Miller discusses a few interesting topics;

  • Time Travel
  • Dr. Strange the recent Hollywood Movie
  • Agenda 21
  • Chinese control over Canada
  • Maritime Law
  • The Rigged US Elections
  • AI Technology
  • The Reach of Soros
  • Navigating through Reality

His Website:

Here is a Trailer of the Movie Dr. Strange;

The only other equivalent that we have found to Dr. Miller is Dr. Steve Pieczenik, and see if you can decode the message he is giving us here in this message about Abe Lincoln.

In your analysis who is really referring to is not Abe Lincoln, but in code and reversal akin to his very awkward sitting position and camera angle is that is is really referring to is the coming Presidency of Trump. 

He is talking to us in a Reversal of Time and Speech and Imagery. Pay attention to his close up shots and his eye movements during critical points.

Why Trump? Because here are the similarities between him and Abe because in our view someone is channeling the spirit and history of Lincoln;