[ZurichTimes] In this Christmas Season it would be good to remind ourselves of the True Origins and Roots of Christmas and the Satan Clause that we invite to our homes this time of the year. 

Here is the an explanation of the Pagan roots of Christmas Trees, Mistletoes, and Gifts in Bags if readers and listeners are lost and confused.

First Pat Robertson the Head of CBN offers his take;


Now Let us hear what an Ex-Satanist has to say about the Pagan Roots of Christmas;


Even the Muslims have caught on to the Pagan Celebration;


And now for the what the Pagans themselves believe and how they come to the Truth;


Only ones left are the Khazarian Jewish Mafia that has hijacked Humanity, but of course their take on all things Jesus related is rather at odds with the rest of the religions;


Veritas till the end! Perahps that is why Orthodox Christians have a different date for the celebration of the Birth of Jesus.