The Roots of Nazi Power and Ancient Secret Archaeology aka Cosmogenesis

[ZurichTimes] Dark Journalist and Dr. Joseph Farrell discuss the Ancient Secret Archaeology and the Roots of Nazi Power. The Secret History of Mankind exists and we have been denied such information for decades now and the Elites for their part are doing “Soft Disclosure” with Hollywood Movies to tell us what has been going now so future events and future revelations which are now about to take place will not come as such a shock and trauma.

These movies are Science Fiction as in Reversal as in Science Fact as in Science Fiction Documentary is the Law of Reversal.

Who were the Engineers?

This interview was over 2:30 hours long, but has been divided into different parts. This part below disucsses the CERN machine and the crossing of the barrier. What is important to note here is that there is a something across the barrier and into our world of being and light and when these creatures and other dimensional beings manifest themselves in ways we can see them will be part of the horror of what they have planned for Humanity if they chooses to rebel or chooses or surrender or chooses to colloborate the outcome will be the same and the choices will all appear as horrific.

Part Two of the CERN Death Portal Interview

The Full interview is below if your attention will allow this much information at once. Be careful for a ride into the woo woo world.