[ZurichTimes] Yes even before having a chance to begin it the pundits are already exclaiming that the Trump Presidency is over before it has begun. Thanks to the works of Ivanka and Judas the Trump Presidency has been hijacked and take over by the Neo-Kohenites that want War, War and more War.

The Coup is Complete!

In another words, as thought of by the Neo-Kohenites – bring the Shoah, we are tired of waiting!

Some more supporting evidence to indicate that we have had yet another coup within a coup within the White House or as they should now call it – Zion House.

Because we are now “Making Zionism Great Again.”


If readers and listeners want to understand why there is “No Business like Shoah Business” then listen to the Reverse Speech of Zionist Magician Bernie Sanders – yes we are Feeling the Bern now.

Jeff Rense discusses the War Agenda with David Oates of ReverseSpeech.com on his Radio Show.

ivanka trump jew or not jew2

Daddy’s little girl is now all grown up and ready to take over the World for Zion. Brace for impact.