[ZurichTimes] Another X22 Report is out and this report seems more urgent and dire than the rest. Dave is telling us to prepare for the collapse as if we were in 2007 and the 2008 Meltdown was just around the corner.

The Big & Short Of It

North Korea and ComeyGate are all distractions because the real news that is freaking The Donald Drumpf out is something much bigger and much more sinister. Part B of the X22 Report of the Drumpf the Dajjal is below.

Readers and viewers should watch the movie the Big Short if they do not want to read the book. Below is short clip and a link to the movie.


Who will be left smiling and who will be left homeless and who will be going to jail?

Christian Bale, Brad Pitt’s ‘The Big Short’ Gets Release Date ...