[ZurichTimes] The grand distraction known as ComeyGate is sinister in its intention and malicious in its execution, but shows the world the Power of the Zionist Controlled Main Stream Media. The real story here is what is happening behind the scenes and the secret meetings with Lavrov and Kissinger and what they were talking about in secret.


One of the things they were surely discussing was the imminent collapse of the Economy as well as the upcoming Earth changes, but the real issue at play here is the future of Zionist Israel and Wars that will be started to usher in the False Messiah aka Dajjal aka Anti-Christ who is due to appear shortly in Iran and then work his Magick all the way to Damascus, Syria.

These revelations are based on the synchronicities between our finding of a book called The End Times Book and some other souls on the YouTube who have come to the same conclusion. We all seemed to be on the same wavelength.

There is so much to summarize here that we have run out of time and we are forced to make hasty bullet points about what is in this book after reading through its 2800 pages. The book has been linked below in the sources section as well as supporting documents.

The amount of research that has been done is truly mind boggling, but the jist of the matter is that we are now entering the Start of the End Times on a specific date which falls on Friday May 19th, 2017.

Yes as in one week from today, hence the urgency to warn and alert Humanity on what is about to happen. Yes that is a very bold claim, but wait until you read through the material and see the evidence for yourselves. Do not judge this book and its research before even looking through the evidence as we have.

What is giving this book much credibility in our eyes right now at this specific moment in time and history is that Trump is about to go on a visit to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Vatican at the end of this month [May 2017]. And after that meeting is due to attend at NATO and G7 Summit. So a visit to the 3 World Religions and the Capital of Europe, but for what purpose?

Here is the Press Release;

A Map of the Al-Aqsa Mosque site where the Dome of the Rock and the Wailing Wall all reside in a precarious balance of power and religions. It is this Mosque is that about to me destroyed either by an Earthquake – either engineered or by an act of nature. Either way it will be Mission Accomplished because with its destruction the Third Temple can be rebuilt in its place to usher in the False Messiah or Dajjal or Anti-Christ.

Keep in mind that is was this site that Ariel Sharon visited and it was this act that launched the Palestinian Intifada. This time around it will likely be President Trump that will visit the site and initiate the arrival of the False Messiah aka Dajjal aka Anti-Christ. History is about to repeat itself again hence the importance of the numerical code found in this End Time Book.

If readers and viewers are having a difficult time imagining such a scenario then here is even more disturbing news. The Third Temple has already been rebuilt literally and also metaphorically as well as Google Maply. Here is the evidence as we do not like to make any claims without providing the supporting evidence.

Here is the Metaphorical Version as in the Dream and Vision

Here is the Literal version as the Third Temple has technically already been built in Sau Paulo, Brazil because it was rebuilt Jerusalem Stone and is an exact replica of the future Third Temple.

... of the Kingdom of God (NZ) - Latest Messages - Temple of Solomon

Here is the Google Maply Version of the Third Temple

Perhaps in case the Dajjal gets lost and does not know the difference between Brazil and Zionist Israel they have kindly also recreated it on Google Maps. So officially in that sense it is already “on the map”.

The entrance to the Holy Temple as seen on Google Maps. (Screenshot)

If readers and viewers want to go this link and view the it for themselves we would encourage them to do so before it is taken down.

[BreakingIsraelNews] According to Google Maps, the Holy Temple has popped up in an entirely unexpected place: the Temple Mount.

Thanks to the efforts of a young Israeli, touring Solomon’s Temple is now as easy as typing “Temple Mount” into the Google Maps website. Anyone interested should take advantage of the opportunity today, since the virtual tour has only recently returned from being banned by Google and may be removed again in the near future.

The priest (Cohen) in the Temple. (Google Maps)

Finally, here is a short summary of The End Times Book where this information can be proven on the basis of numeric calculations just as was done withe Bible Code and Torah Code so now we have the Quran Code;

  • The title of our book is:  The End Times: Based on Numerical Analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Words, and Historical Events.
  • Based on our numerical analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Words, and Historical Events, the first phase of the End Times will most likely start in 2017 (or 2018), in-sha-Allah (if Allah is willing).
  • Currently, the probabilities for the beginning of the first phase of the End Times seem to be as follows: Year 2017: 75 % and Year 2018:  24 %
  • Dates such as May 19 and May 20 correspond to similiar keywords and key events from the past related to the End Times.

screenshot-dochub.com-2017-05-12-19-05-11 endtimesbook1

Based on our reading these are some of the possible scenarios of events leading upto and beyond this key date of May 19th, 2017;

  • The Al-Aqsa Mosque [the second holiest site for Muslims] will likely be destroyed either by an Earthquake or Act of Terror to usher in the rebuilding of the Third Temple and this event may coincide with visit of President Trump to Zionist Israel.
  • A Peace Deal is about to signed in the Middle East, but it will divide the Land of Israel back to the 1967 borders and will also be a second End Times Prophecy Time Marker and Milestone. The deal has been approved by Zionist Israel, the feeble Palestinian leadership and reluctantly by the Russians, and covertly funded by the Zionist Saudis.
  • American Military Troops are be pre-positioned and staged in Europe and the Middle East and the stage is being set for the launch of a major ground and air offensive to take out Assad in Damascus, Syria.
  • The long awaited Mahdi is about to make his presence and appearance and is a huge Prophetic marker for the End Times.
  • Castrophic Earth changes are about to be witnessed by all Nations and Tribes; Comets, Planets, Aliens, Earthquakes, etc.

We have done our best to provide a summary of this massive book, but it is worth the read or at just reading through the summary.

We will have to wait until next week to see what actually unfolded, but even our awareness has the power to change outcomes for better or for worse. The end result will be the end result just as it was always planned.