[ZurichTimes] Could this be money from a parallel universe?

Could this be more issues with the CERN Black Hole and Quantum Pollution related to the Mandela Effect?

Or is this a Drop Test?


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So many questions and yet so few answers in this Age of Information and this Age of the Internet. How ironic that we know so much yet we still know so little?

When we come across new information such as this video we have to use the resources available and that is in most uses first and foremost the Internet [Evil Google, Globalist Microsoft Bing, or Satanic AI Interfaced Facebook] or Fluoridated Friends and Families as a last resort. There in lies again the further irony of the situation.

We have to use their resources to verify our knowledge, memories, and information. We can only verify information using their resources and that is how and why the Mandela Effect.

Here are some screenshots for reference.





Cracking this mystery will require the Wisdom of the Crowd.

Some questions that need to be answered about this money;

  1. If this was PhotoShop please kindly identify yourself in the comments section as we may have some design for work. BTW, awesome job designing this MasterPiece [if that was really you].
  2. What technology allows your Genes to be Sequenced onto paper?
  3. Who is this Lady featured on the paper note?
  4. What Chemical structure is represented here?
  5. What other countries have seen this paper note or currency in use?
  6. What is a World Bank Reserve Note?
  7. Can the World Bank issue a new currency?
  8. What year was this paper note printed?
  9. Can we still at least buy a coffee with this 10 Shekel World Reserve Note?
  10. Can anyone see any hidden in plain sight embedded Occultist Symbology? [Jonathan Kleck we need you here on this one].


Something mysterious and strange is going in this Universe. We in uncharted waters now. Nobody really knows what is truly happening, but expect massive changes to your life this year if you can make it through this year [75%] and next year [25% chance].

If this new Shekel World Bank note was because of CERN which is in Switzerland, why would be found in Canada? What Sinister Games are being played in Switzerland?

The last words of Dr Edward Mantill a physicist at CERN, Switzerland.

And if you have made it this far this let us end with one last final warning about messing with the wrong things and putting your nose and hands and thoughts into the wrong places. Actions will have not and always did have consequences.

The Judgement is coming.

It was done with Deceit and Deception, all hidden in plain sight.