[ZurichTimes] This article will be our second post this week on the issue of Money. And we can feel it our guts that senses that something very big is coming towards Humanity that will change us forever.


It will change History, it will change the Internet, it will change Money, it will change Banking, and it will change Our Lives forever. Yes and all of these things may happen this year.

Our Money is changing whether in this universe of a parallel one – our Money is changing forever whether that be a Gold/Silver Standard, or a new Electronic Standard, or something even more Radical and Sinister.

However, now we have another hidden in plain sight finding in which the Alien Demonic AI Beast Dajjallic Figure/System is once again making his appearance.


Aliens with Elongated Skulls Printed on the Dollar Bill & World Bank Whistleblower Says Aliens Rule – video from the Leak Project.

Karen Hudes on the Alien Race that Controls Money and Banking.

It was all part of the Babylonian Money Magick dating back thousands of years. With Money they were able to control Humanity completely. as in absolute and total control.

That control is now breaking and what is breaking it is called the Blockchain. The Fake News Meme we need to add the Fake Money Meme as well.

And if readers are so inclined here is our Bitcoin Address for coffee and such. Thank you in advance.

How to download a wallet and get Bitcoin some coins and start this revolution right. We can even use Fake Credit with Fake Money to buy into the Blockchain. Here are some companies making it as easy as using your credit card to buy some Coins.

There are many fairy tales being told these days like the Russian Dossier and the Russian Hacking of the Elections, but we feel this Blockchain is not a fairy tale and will in fact be changing everything forever.

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