[ZurichTimes] Dates, times, and poses are all part and parcel of the Language and Code the Luciferian Elites use to broadcast their Occult Ritual Sacrifices.

And here once again with the Manchester Concert Manufactured Synthetic Terror Attack we see the photos filled with Occult Symbolism.

What are the odds that we would see two people with the same type of leg injury bandaged in the same way from all of the countless photos they could have chosen and that those images are an exact representation of Occult Rituals?

Are we noticing any patterns and Occult Symbols here?

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The Royal Wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Also the same ...

Just an coincidence for the simple minded. This world was just a random chaotic mess for these simple minds. It was tantamount to simply in one and two easy steps to denying the existence of a creator and any order within this world.

See the keywords that trigger emotional responses highlighted here this quote;

[ZeroHedge] “Then just absolute chaos. Disbelief, everybody running over each other not quite knowing what had gone on. Mad chaotic rush to nearest exit, lots of people crying and wailing. Really upsetting for everyone concerned.

“There was people bleeding, and lots of people being separated, very scary, very upsetting but obviously we believe there has been fatalities.

“It’s just a terrible thing. Who could do this at a concert where there’s children and families? Its just unbelievable.”
Mrs Pearson added: “I just feel for everybody that’s been injured and those that have been killed.”

This world is precise in its design and execution and we are all heading towards certain pre-determined and pre-decided outcomes within a mysterious cloud of choices.

The Magician Card was powerful, indeed. The Power to Destroy.

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The Economist Cover from 2017 seems to be on schedule just like a clockwork. Just tin time for Trump to Visit the Centers of World Religions sitting the Throne as the Judge.

And let us not forget the number of dead and injured on 5/22 were 22, but before they were 19 and 50 = the Occult 69. All of these numbers and figures have meaning especially when within a few minutes of the incident they already knew 19 were dead and 50 injured.

screenshot-twitter.com-2017-05-23-13-17-45 manchester attack

Notice how the Police are reporting a tweet at 5:10pm for an event with known dead and injured at 10:35pm? That is what we call good Police work as in knowing the crime details even more they happen!

Notice also how the numbers are conveniently changed and of course do not forget about the little children then need to sacrificed in such Occult Rituals;

[DebkaFile] An explosion at a packed pop concert arena in the northern British town of Manchester has left 22 dead and injured another 69 music fans. Police are treating it as a terrorist incident carried out by one man, a suicide bomber. Many of the victims were teens, children and young families.

What is even more disturbing is that we now have Luciferian Worshiping Singers and Occultists the likes of Katy Perry and Ariana Grande now lecturing the rest of Humanity on that is good and moral. By this act they place themselves in a holier than thou position and get to look down on religions and the sheep whom they are sacrificing for their False Gods.

Here is another interesting element to this Riddle that we must solve each and every time on of these Occult Ritual Sacrifices takes place. Ariana Grande just finished the  song “Dangerous Woman” when the attack started.

Just another coincidence we suppose.

These were the False Idols that we worshiped, looking so innocent and pure?


And as a result of the attack what else was established? The British Election campaign has been suspended and it looks like Prime Minster May finally got her message in May on 5/22 that there May not be a Brexit. COBRA has decided Demoncracy must be stopped. The Westminster Bridge attack was not enough and May did not listen and was not paying attention, but she is now. The DVD has decided.

[ZeroHedge] British Prime Minister Theresa May said the government was working to establish “the full details of what is being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack.” May is due to chair a meeting of the government’s COBRA emergency committee later Tuesday. She and other candidates suspended campaigning for Britain’s June 8 election after the blast.