[ZurichTimes] Here is another X22 Report episode and more hide under the bed type of news unfortunately. Bo is no forecasting Gold will break out in June, 2017 and even perhaps starting in the first week of that month.

A Major Financial Event Is About To Unfold Which Will Change Everything: Bo Polny

Another story from ZeroHedge to confirm the point. It is as if we are right back in 2007/08 timeframe and we are getting ready for another Bear Stearns moment.

screenshot-www.zerohedge.com-2017-05-30-13-36-30 hedge fund closing

screenshot-www.zerohedge.com-2017-05-30-13-38-42 feds stock market

More reason to buy Gold, Silver and Crypto Currency. The time is literally and financially running out for the market rigging. The End of History is approaching to mark the arrival of Jesus and the False Messiah.

Where is the Good News is all of this Chaos? The Good News is knowing the Right Information at the Right Time to make the Right Decision. And that FrameWork is called the 3R Model.

Therefore, the Right Information is right before you on this site and the X22 Report and ZeroHedge; the Right Time is to react and position yourself before the crash; and the Right Decision will become self-evident as the market crash and hyper inflation manifests itself around you.

Rob Kirby-Rising Crypto Currencies Means Crash Near

What is the real price of Gold and Silver refer to the USA Debt Clock in case we are all doubting such information? In relation to printed money supply the real price of Gold is close to $7,000 per ounce and the real price of Silver is close to $850 per ounce.These are the prices without the manipulation by the dirty little hands of the Goldman Sachs type of Bankers.

Remember the Golden Rule in this Goldman Sachs World – “Privatize the Profits and Make all Debts and Losses Public” – aka you the Taxpayer will be left with the bill.

Here is a short Primer on the Blockchain and why is it so Revolutionary.

How to Load and Buy Bitcoin at the ATM.

In that light here is our Bitcoin Address for coffee and such; thank you in advance! 🙂



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