[ZurichTimes] A Fail-safe Clone of the infamous SETH RICH Thumb Drive has been allegedly obtained by Trish, George and Jason.

Link to Files – open, view and download at your own risk as we are not responsible for any Mossad/NSA/FBI/CIA/Luciferian Pedophile Agents showing up at your door.

The story of how these citizen journalists obtained this Thumb Drive with the alleged Seth Rich DNC Leak vs. Hack Files is still a mystery, but we are finding little bits and pieces of information from Trish’s Twitter account adn still trying to piece together the bigger picture.

However, it sounds to us like this Trio who broke one of the biggest stories of the Year is something worthy of a Hollywood Movie. Perhaps Jason is already working on that angle.

In order to understand the entire riddle that has been dipped and deep fried in the batter of the Deep State readers will have to watch some rather long video interviews. Some are linked below.

However, due to the nature of this story and the speed at which it is breaking the time needed to properly edit and present it is not there so we are doing our best to summarize the situation so far according to our understanding of the fisaco thus far. Events are moving at light speed.

Here is our Summary of the #SethRichFiles Developments thus far;

  • @realTrishDish [Twitter handle] has obtained the alleged Seth Rich DNC Thumb [USB] Drive that was left in a field in Virginia or some unknown location, but is part of 9/10 other such USB drives that were left as insurance policies and backups by Seth Rich?
  • @realTrishDish is not saying who exactly is her source, but the Trio have been in touch with Kit Dotcom in last few days and hours to confirm the details.
  • Hacktivists such as Manny aka Defango are now helping the Trio assess the contents of the file and their assessment so far indicates the files to be legit and contains new information besides what Wikileaks has already reported.
  • The NGP Van DNC Voter Database is a key part of this entire investigation.
  • Cernovich is loving the Awan Brothers connection to this entire mess and the meta data suggests that these Pakistani Nationals perhaps ISI/Muslim Brother Agents working in the Congress were one of the main actors behind the Blackberry Network and the transfer of data between servers in the DNC, Congress and elsewhere?
  • The entire investigation/murder/coverup is also related believe or not to Ukrainian Nationals and their political feud with Russia and how that enters into the entire mix of this dog’s breakfast of a story.
  • Yes Huma Abedin, Podesta, and Anthony Weiner are deeply involved in this entire story.
  • @realTrishDish  is saying the files show DNC Election Rigging and other misdeeds.
  • Jerome Corsi of Infowars is involved with the Trio and one of their interviews is below and they are scheduled to appear on the air with Alex Jones soon.
  • The entire Russian Hacking CNN Narrative story is about to be exposed as a sham and hoax and premeditated ploy since it is Hillary and the Clinton Foundation that have the strongest ties to Russia and it is makes more sense for the Russians to throw the election in the favour of Hillary rather than Trump because their ties were stronger [Uraium1 and Frank Giustra].
  • Russia hacked the elections and gave Hillary the popular vote win? Makes no sense. How did they hack into 50 electoral college voter systems? What is the meaning of collusion and influencing? Zionist Israel influences and colludes there on a daily basis [our comments]
  • How does the Russian Hacking make any sense if Hillary won the popular vote? Notice CNN is no longer flogging or peddling that Narrative anymore.
  • Perhaps even Aliens and Antarctica might be involved at the speed we are going [kidding – we think?]
  • Jason Goodman is from Crowdsource the Truth and the power of this Open Intelligence crowdfunded and crowdsourced citizen journalism is changing and making history. Well done boys!
  • George Webb has been on this case for more than 200+ days and only now is it getting the attention it really deserves.


God Speed to these Two Jewish Boys [George and Jason] trying to investigate the murder of Seth Rich as well as trying to finding the Jewish Eric Bravermen who is hiding in a Kibbutz apparently in Zionist Israel all in an attempt to uncover the deeds of Mossad World Wide (MWW) and withstanding the best efforts of the Jewish Wasserman-Schultz Gang who are trying to derail the Investigation.

No conspiracy here; move along!

Also there is no shortage of Jewish/Muslim players in this production; both admitted and those acting in stealth. Just another coincidence we suppose that there are so many Jews/Muslims playing both sides of the Game? They are both the Heroes and the Villains in this Movie? Sounds like the Thesis and Anti-Thesis of the Hegelian Dialect. The Optics makes one wonder once again at how bizarre the world is and yes this story is truly an epic Hollywood production in the making.

We are citizen journalists as well and if you would like to buy us some coffee and such please throw us some Bitcoin Roses. Much love to the Trio and the rest of the Gang.

We are citizen journalists as well and if you would like to buy us some coffee and such please throw us some Bitcoin Roses. Much love to the Trio and the rest of the Gang.

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