[ZurichTimes] Sometimes it does not take much time to get a point across. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes; sometimes it only takes around 3 minutes.

Here is a Tale of the Two Blondes; one Looking Clueless and the Other killing it.

Bill Still who is Still Reporting from Washington. Thank you Bill for finding this one;

Liz Wheeler – making The Final Point


Perhaps John Sununu watched this presentation before going on the air?

John Sununu Destroys CNN’s Coverage of Trump-Russia Investigation

In case we missed the point, the real story is that Russian-Iranian-Turkish and American-Anglo-Zionist Alliance are close to an open confrontation in Syria while at CNN they are busy hyperventilating with potential  “Collusion” and “Fake News.”

[Wikipedia] Venality – Venality is a vice associated with being bribeable, cruel, selfish, or of selling one’s services or power, especially when people are intended to act in a decent way instead.

Why is America such a mess? Because you have people such as this Fool actually working in Government.