[ZurichTimes] Another day and another devastating video by the Boys George and Jason. These two interviewed Rod Wheeler a few days ago, but the video is just being released.

Watch and hear what Rod Wheeler the Private Investigator has to say about the coverup and the stalled investigation into the mysterious death of Seth Rich.



Even the Autopsy Report cannot be released or shown!

No Conspiracy here; move along.


We have massive computing power available at the hands of the Luciferian Pedophile Elites using technology like Palantir that was just installed in 30 days in Saudi Arabia, but we cannot even interview witnesses or see the autopsy reports?


The American InJustice System is working like a charm once again. One system for the Elites and one of the Sheeple.


And for those Sheeple that think their Social Activity on Facebook is just innocent and of no real value then consider what these Demons seen are actually doing with your “MetaDATA” – remember as Boys George and Jason keep saying “Follow the MetaDATA.”

We have tracking software now that determines your insurance rate and accident rates based just on the number of times you press the brakes, but we cannot see the even the Autopsy report. As we said earlier, nothing to see here; move along.