[ZurichTimes] Everyday the drama at the Crowdsource the Truth Channel take bizarre twists and turns. And yesterday what happened and what is currently happening is even more hard to believe.


The latest news is that George Webb and Jason Goodman were informed by 1 of their 6 alleged informers that a “Dirty Bomb” was loaded on a shipping vessel called the Maersk Memphis and was heading into the Port of Charleston, South Carolina. This news has made it all over the news channels, but few may know or understand the real back story behind this incident.


Here is a short Summary of Events so far;

  • George Webb has been arrested for either making a false report and/or DUI in Zainsville, Ohio. He is being held for $3500 bail and Jason has started a GoFundMe Campaign to get George out.
  • The budding relationship between Robert David Steele (RDS) we reported on yesterday has suddenly come to an end.
  • RDS called Jason and told him the NYC Police are on their way to arrest him for giving false testimony and evidence as in reporting the Maersk Memphis “Dirty Bomb” information.
  • Defango the Whitehat Hacktivist that originally hooked up with Boys George and Jason has turned on them and is now reporting with George Webb’s brother called Dave Acton who is an Actor.
  • Misprison has suddenly become another word we need to understand just like Covfefe.
  • This real-time exercise in investigative journalism against the Deep State using live broadcasting and YouTube has now gone next level with so many actors (both paid and pretending) now involved that unless you are following this story closely readers and listeners will be totally lost.
  • According to Dave Acton, George Webb has been on these Conspiracy Theory Tangents for several years now and his strange paranoid activities are known to his family and they are worried about all that has happened and this investigation is going.
  • However, according to George he has been a runner for WikiLeaks as well as Mossad. He has both pass on information and received information from both organizations.
  • Jason has now even spoken to CNN and briefed them on the entire situation so far and it might even make the news on CNN. Perhaps even Anderson Pooper might keep it up.
  • Jason is now worried obviously being arrested by the NYC Police, but his followers on the Crowdsource the Truth Channel on YouTube are still backing him it seems. Most others are confused while a few have jumped ship and gone over to the Defango Camp.


This entire investigation from our analysis is building up towards an ending that will involve the biggest Spy Scandal being uncovered in Washington, DC. This Wasserman-Schultz/Weiner/Huma Abedin Spy Ring will be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood as in Qatar and the IT Tech Support Patsies provided by the Pakistani ISI.


Who is right and what is correct and was there an actual Maersk Memphis “Dirty Bomb” are all still in play and open to debate. We are just reporting things as they are coming up.

For a final twist to this post here is another case of a “Dirty Bomb” again in Charleston, South Carolina, but this time from Alex Jones in 2013. Just another coincidence or is there something to this story?

We appreciate your support in keeping this reporting going as always. In the End Times, the News is like Riddle that needs to be solved.

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