[ZurichTimes] The Americans under the leadership of or the absence of leadership from President Trump has decided to use Chemical Weapons in Syria, just as they were doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Kuwait.

Nothing has changed. Just more War Crimes by the American Imperialists. The use of Depleted Uranium, Tactical Low Yield Nuclear Weapons, Neutron Bombs, the MOAB, and now the use of White Phosphorus. Nothing to see here; move along.

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What we are witnessing here is the formation of a Grand End Times Alliance between the American Imperialists, the Saudi Wahhabists, and the Zionist Israelis. A Brood of Vipers indeed. All for the sake of a building a Greater Zionist Israel and to attack Iran.

America you are now the directly the enablers, financiers, supporters of Terrorism.

We have a feeling that all of these powers will be defeated just as prophesied when Russia finally lays out the law and decides to retaliate. America there will be a final and fearsome reckoning for all of this Corruption, Crime, and Duplicity.

It looks like for President Trump the only way to create American Jobs and to make America Great Again is by starting new foreign wars.

Perhaps this time the Blowback will also mean a return to domestic wars as in a new Civil War in America. Will that also create more American jobs?

President Trump is finishing the Wars that Bush, Clinton and Obama started just as planned and just as laid out way back starting in 2001 or does it go back to 1991?

Now for the ending the best of this entire fiasco as reported by Reuters;

Overall, Islamic State has 8,000 fighters left, of which 2,000 are foreigners from other Arab states, Europe, Russia and central Asia, said Abu Ragheef.

Yes we are dealing with 8,000 Demons from Daesh and the entire World cannot defeat a bunch of Demons riding in open view in brand new American paid for Toyota trucks. Half of the budget goes to the Pentagon and America cannot defeat an army of 8,000 Demons aka ISIS Soldiers. How pathetic and now disgusting.