[ZurichTimes] The Trio known as Boys George and Jason and TrishtheDish have made contact [sort of] with infamous former President of the Clinton Foundation the one and only Eric Braverman of the ongoing Seth Rich Murder Investigation.

They were unable to directly interview Eric Braverman, but here is a recap of their encounter.

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Summary of Events leading up to this find on London;

  • Someone donated AirMiles and Filming equipment to the Trio of CrowdSource the Truth and Jason and Trish are now in London, UK.
  • They flew there in a attempt to interview Julian Assange, Eric Braverman and others as part of this wide reaching rabbit hunt.
  • According to Jason he is part of the team leading an investigation into the  most “sophisticated and integrated criminal syndicate in human history” [direct quote].
  • The Maersk Memphis Dirty Bomb Hoax still has not been resolved and the links and synchronicities between the 2013 movie G.I Joe Retaliation is becoming more eerie.

One glaring question that remains is whether has anything these Three are constantly airing on YouTube been vetted or verified? Our impression is that the Mastermind here is George and the Jason and Trish are being used as pawns and patsies to do part of his work and follow through on his grand Agenda. They are being used and played by someone with a very high IQ and very unclear motives and financiers and producers.

What is George’s Grand Agenda? It is something that has to be considered. For some reason these Three seem to think that they have some monopoly on the Truth and anything they espouse is automatically the True True and everyone else is an “Idiot.”

For example, White Phosphorous and Depleted Uranium is now part of this entire investigation which started with the mysterious Murder of Seth Rich. This original search for Eric has now morphed and metastasized into an wild and global investigation into the Awan Brothers as the most sinister Family in human history.

No mention of America and Israel using these weapons, but rather the narrative is that it is Pakistan, India, and the Awan Brothers who are really to blame. Hence where this entire scenario and narrative is headed is that we must now stop a foreign intelligence service as in the Pakistan ISI as well as the Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar. Therefore, watch for these upcoming series of actions (Sanctions, Bombings, Terror Acts, Send in the Economic Hitmen Jackals) against these nations – Pakistan, Iran, Qatar and Turkey.

So far this man George is highly suspected and highly dangerous and has all the markings of a Sociopath. Another example, because Imran Awan has alleged photos of  Jihadi types of his Facebook page = the entire nation of Pakistan is a Terrorist Nation. Watch and listen to the entire and see and hear for yourself. Again confirmation that this narrative is leading us to a War on Pakistan and Iran. The G.I Joe Retaliation scenario is coming true just as in predictive programming from 2013.

The Sociopath Next Door

sociopath checklist.jpeg

As of right now unless new information surfaces our impression remains that this investigation is being Directed, Produced and MasterMinded straight out of Old Mossad Headquarters in Occupied France and Zionist Israel.

Someone is definitely feeding them information such as the 6 DHS informants who gave George the Maersk Memphis Dirty Bomb Hoax and now suddenly they know where Eric Braverman will be speaking out of the blue and just like Magic.

Discernment will definitely be needed on this journey going forward. Keep an eye on this Trio as they are not going away and they implications of what they are doing out of plain and simple naivete or pre-planned agenda of malice remains to be seen as of the time of this posting on June 20, 2017.


No mention of Zionist Israel’s crimes and and motives. No mention of Zionist Israeli targeting Europe with Nukes. No mention of Zionist Israeli using White Phosphorous. No mention of Zionist Israeli meddling and influencing American elections. No mention of Zionist Israeli organ harvesting drug running ratlines. Just no mention of any Zionist Israeli crimes and motives because the Narrative is now first Russia and then second Pakistan. Because Iran has already been sufficiently demonized and is already an ever effective Trigger Word for the American MSM and Sheeple Public.

When this man cannot even explain who his brother is or what his real agenda is means everyone should be aware and guarded about anything they say. Take anything they say it with a few grains of salt and vet it yourself.

And where is all of this grand information about of their allegations and investigations? It resides on a series of posts on Facebook. Looks and feels somewhat like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that is run out of a house in Coventry and is the source of all Truth about Syria.


We repeat once again that anyone that can see the importance of this movement is that  this investigation’s work needs to be fully vetted and verified.

We are starting that process; We remain skeptical observers; and We are not convinced – George.