[ZurichTimes] X22 Report interviews Lynette Zang who lays out the “manipulated” nature of the market and how the evidence is hiding in plain sight and we just cannot see it.  For example, Central Banks are the ones really purchasing stocks – the consumer trader left the market awhile ago. Total Fraud by the Gangsters Banksters of Wall Street.


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It is therefore ironic to say the least that JP Morgan CEO Uber Zionist Jamie Dimon is lecturing the World on how to be a good corporate citizen. It was the Bizarro and “disconnected” world of the Wall Street as in the Wolf of Wall Street.

Another interview by Ms. Zang about the Gangster Banksters ruling our Lifes and ruining our Lives.


“It’s almost an embarrassment be an American citizen traveling around the world and listening to the stupid shit we have to deal with in this country and at one point we have to get our act together. We won’t do what were supposed to for the average American.”


For those that think that the recent Crypto Carnage was the end of BlockChain, Tokens and Smart Contracts then listen to what Ms. Zang has to say about its future. The future SDR World Reserve Currency or Digital Commodity will be based on “Blockchain with a Smart Contract Overlay” – does not sound like a Bubble does it?

The recent Crypto Carnage was a culling of the herds and sheeple out of the market. Get them in, get their cash, drive up the prices, make a killing, then short the market, make another killing, and then corner the market even further.

Sounds like a power play by the usual Gangster Banksters aka JP Morgan which ironically enough just became the biggest Bank as in even bigger than Goldman Sachs. Well played Jamie.