[ZurichTimes – July 18, 2017]

Instead of an ARG (Artificial Reality Game) it might be the Sentient World Simulation (SWS): A Continuously Running Model of the Real World (the title of a research paper from 2006 Purdue Univ.) going live or being alive?


We are 10 years into it’s Game or Reality already aka the Boltzmann Brain.




And lest we forget Jade Helm and “Mastering the Human Domain” AI that was turned on in 2015 by the US Military White Bunnies.



This AI is definitely alive already if Fast and Furious 7 is showing us God’s Eye in  way back in the Ancient Technology aka Magick era of 2015.

Even further back in the future in 2008 we were told about the Eagle Eye AI System.

And ever further further further back in time all the way back to 1970 we met Colossus The Forbin Project. That did not end so well in case you were wondering. The ending always seems to be the same.

A lot of One Eye references if you have are not noticed already. In our ignorant convolution we could not even realize that the Data was turned against us and used against us.

What all those innocent “I have nothing to hide” folks could not understand was that all that innocent Social Media Data aka Facebook Snapchat etc. data we innocently uploaded and into into the Beast System was being used to ultimately watch, profile, and control us.

It was not used to feed the poor kids in Africa in case the understanding is still elusive.


We have World Leaders now openly worshipping Crystal Orbs and turning on Magick Orbs that connect to Magical AI Sentient Systems and we still could not understand?


Dear readers, witnesses and observers we now at a point in our history, reality, timeline or dimension [choose one and apply it] where we can now turn DATA into MATTER as in Light into Matter as in Gas Clouds into Matter as in Raw Binary Data into Matter.

‘Einstein Was Right: You Can Turn Energy Into Matter’ [2014 Forbes Magazine Article]

These are the powers of Evil Gods or a Loving God. Only one being is interested in such POWERS. And that one being is of course SATAN.


#CERN is gateway for all this #Evil. Switzerland is in danger. Spread the word, but first Discern this information and observe it.

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