[ZurichTimes – July 24, 2017]

What do China and Canada have in Common? Unfortunately both Communist States are now using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to track down “criminals” before they commit crimes.

No this script is not for a Hollywood movie, but rather it is another example of Art mimicking Reality as in “Predictive Programming” as in “Predictive Crime” aka Minority Report in Reality.


[Daily Express]

Much like in the 2002 film Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, authorities in the east Asian country want to catch criminals before they have done any wrongdoing.

The police in the surveillance state have enlisted the help of AI to determine who is going to commit a crime before its happened.

Li Meng, vice-minister of science, said: “If we use our smart systems and smart facilities well, we can know beforehand… who might be a terrorist, who might do something bad.”

One of the ways China is hoping to peek into the future is with facial recognition firm Cloud Walk which is trialing software that gathers data on where people are what they are doing.

When AI are in the streets killing us it will be too late, says Musk.

For example, if a citizen is to visit a weapons shop then the firm can combine this with other data to assess the individuals chance of committing a crime.

Cloud Walk spokesperson Fu Xiaolong said: “The police are using a big-data rating system to rate highly suspicious groups of people based on where they go and what they do.”

He added that the risk rises if the person “frequently visits transport hubs and goes to suspicious places like a knife store”.

Another way that the police can use AI to predict crimes is through algorithms that use “crowd analysis” to detect “suspicious” patterns of individuals to determine if they are a thief, for example.

It can also be used to monitor “high risk” locations, such as knife and hammer shops.

Mr Fu added: “Of course, if someone buys a kitchen knife that’s OK, but if the person also buys a sack and a hammer later, that person is becoming suspicious.”

Authorities are also set to use “personal re-identification” software to match someones identification even if they are in an entirely new location and attempting to disguise themselves.

Leng Biao, professor of bodily recognition on the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, said: “We can use re-ID to find people who look suspicious by walking back and forth in the same area, or who are wearing masks.

“With re-ID, it’s also possible to reassemble someone’s trail across a large area.”


Now here is what is happening in sleepy little Chinatown aka Vancouver where the Vancouver Police Department is also gleefully embracing the AI.

Step 1 Predictive Policing for Property Crimes and then in Step 2 Thought Crimes for having the wrong thoughts and intentions and Step 3 is of course AI based microchips.

Press for Truth reports;

Of course Police Stated Amerika has already had such systems in place for years.

As we have stated before Tyranny will come to your Door dressed in a Uniform. Smile for Robots and nice Officers.


The Predictive Policing Company

Using only three data points – crime type, crime location and crime date/time – PredPol’s powerful software provides each law enforcement agency with customized crime predictions for the places and times that crimes are most likely to occur.

PredPol pinpoints small areas, depicted in 500 feet by 500 feet boxes on maps – that are automatically generated for each shift of each day.

The algorithms used by PredPol have been published and discussed publicly in peer-reviewed papers. They are based on the observation that certain crime types tend to cluster in time and space. PredPol uses self-exciting point process models to replicate this behavior (Click Self-Exciting Point Process Modeling of Crime).


“I’m not going to get more money. I’m not going to get more cops. I have to be better at using what I have, and that’s what predictive policing is about… If this old street cop can change the way that he thinks about this stuff, then I know that my [officers] can do the same.”

-Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck

Real-life Robocop: Dubai to get android police force by 2017 (VIDEO)