[ZurichTimes – August 8, 2017]

If we thought it was only the Demons of Daesh aka ISIS that were auctioning off ladies for their soldiers then please think again. The practice of kidnapping and auctioning off ladies for slave market is alive and well in the heart of Europe.

This Daily Beast article is not for the squeamish or those in denial and highlights the very real danger of Human Trafficking.

The topics and images here are disturbing and NSFW.

[Daily Beast] ROME—Models beware: there’s a sinister sex market on the dark web where you’ll be put up for sale.

At least that’s what Italian investigators believe. They discovered that a 20-year-old British model named in the British press as Chloe Ayling was called to Milan for a photo shoot only to be put up for sale on the infamous darknet or deep web, the unindexed sector of the world wide web that knows no boundaries.

screenshot-www.thedailybeast.com-2017-08-08-16-36-31 human trafficking.png

Ayling, had posted on Instagram and Facebook that she had arrived in Italy on July 10, after her modeling agency in the United Kingdom set up a photo shoot for the next day. They believed it was with a legitimate company looking for young women for an ad campaign, according to Corriere Della Sera, which first reported the story Saturday after the man was arraigned in a Milan court on Friday.

But when the woman got to the photo studio address in Milan, there were no cameras. There were four men, with a syringe full of Ketalar, a common anesthetic drug often used to sedate horses. Police say the men tackled her and jabbed her in the arm, then put a pillowcase over her head before stuffing her in a large rolling duffle bag.

Police examining his phone and computer found nude photos of her taken while she was drugged in Milan. Some of those pictures also appeared on the darknet auction site. He is not yet being charged for sex crimes, only kidnapping and illegally holding a person captive.

Authorities in Italy are also actively searching for the other man who helped drug her in Milan. The investigation now extends to France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom. Authorities there conducted a raid in Oldbury related to this investigation on July 18. They are concerned that there may be other young women whose photos were also published on the darknet site, who are being kept in captivity or worse, already sold.

All of this testimony sounds just like what Justin Bieber of all people has been saying recently. Young children as well as ladies are being trafficked for the purpose of ritual sacrifices and just for fun as well.


We are dealing with Beasts and Demons of the highest order. And what are these Beasts and Demons using to cover their tracks?

Answer, they are using the Blockchain as in the technology behind Bitcoin. And if readers want to learn or follow the ongoing investigation being spearheaded by one brave souln then follow the work of Quinn Michaels as he explains Blockchain and the DarkWeb connections with Palantir and the 93 Society.

Another article from Daily Beast on the Chloe Ayling story;


Herba claimed to be part of the Black Death Group—a smaller scale model of the larger marketplaces, according to the 2015 Interpol investigation cited by Italian police in a press conference last Friday. Nonetheless, a simple Reddit search on the group brings up several posts about experiences—many quite unbelievable—from those who say they have been on the Black Death site.

The Daily Beast took a look around the dark web using the Tor Project browser after finding several links on Reddit that advertised sex slaves and featured other humans for sale, including young children and older women. It wasn’t pretty. Pictures, hopefully doctored up, of women missing limbs and being sexually assaulted were the norm.

“All our girls are set for auctions only and being held in Europe. If you wish, we can kidnap a specific target for your needs. The service will be rather expensive, especially for targets outside Europe,” according to the advertisement, which also stated that they had a “doctor contractor” who would check the girls for STDs. “Girl is only pure if the profile says so.”

Italian detectives don’t necessarily believe that Herba was as involved as he claims to be, but they are sure that such a market exists, and while Ayling was lucky to escape it, many others likely were not.