[ZurichTimes – August 14, 2017]


screenshot-fmovies.is-2017-08-14-15-10-14 darkmatter avengers1

It is the Fabric of the universe. It was ripples and waves and frequencies and Quantum time dilation all happening all at the same Time. That will be the fabric of Time and Space and that was the basis of Synchronicity.

We were living in the Back to the Future Movie without even realizing it.

Within that fabric was darkness as in Dark Matter. It was a gate or doorway we had to keep closed? Was it the same power as the Ark of the Covenant? Some boxes like the Box of the Pandora and the Tesseract Cube that should not be opened, but the Forces of Darkness thought otherwise.

Here is Hollywood Predicting and Pre-programming that Consciousness into our Existence years before it happens. In this case it was way back in ancient history in the timeline 2012 when the movie the Avengers first made it appearance.