[ZurichTimes – August 15, 2017]

If a good news bad news sort of a way we have some good news and some bad news, but since we have lost the sense of what is good and bad in a senseless home and a quantum universe we are just going to give you a short summary and readers and viewers can decide what will qualify has good or bad.


The Good/Bad News;

  • The Charlottesville Attack was a CIA Operation by the Deep State against Trump
  • Trump is the Head of the FreeMasonic Secret Societies who is leading a fight against other Secret Societies and Intelligence Agencies in a bid to wrestle control
  • The Awan Brothers Spy Ring exposed the Clinton/Bush/CIA/Saudi/Mossad/ Drug Running Organ Harvesting Crime Syndicate and Charlottesville was payback
  • Payback in form of starting civil violence to engulf a nation in civil racial strife
  • Same tactics CIA uses abroad in attacking Sunni and blaming Shia and vice versa in Iraq and Pakistan and Afghanistan and Syria and Iran it is now going to be used on Americans in America.
  • The CIA Drug Running Organ Harvesting Crime Syndicate has been losing money so foreign adventures and sources of revenue are way down and that means focus on and at Home because you cannot afford it anymore.
  • Russia is threatening to re-enter Afghanistan as in disrupt the Drug Running Crime Syndicate even further aka another revenue stream cut
  • CIA being emasculate overseas and being forced to come home is another example of Blowback and another indicator of the Spy Agency vs. Spy Agency Civil War in America just like Captain America the Hydra Secret Double Agent Forecasted and Foreshadow in the movie.
  • America will suddenly get a taste of just how evil their little CIA has been overseas.

This summary is based on the summary and analysis of these videos;

The Mysterious Intelligence Operative #RockHudson finally reveals himself to Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth;

The Outer Light sheds some light on the Darkness of the CIA Operation in Charlottesville;

Lee Stranahan confirms the CIA Operation;

Crowdsource the Truth has kissed and made up with Defango who is still playing with the Spear of Destiny and sending Magical Sigils and Symbols in his videos;