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Trump’s Secret Kabbalah Language Code for World War III

[ZurichTimes – August 22, 2017]

Here is an essential connecting the Dots video from MrCati explaining the Dots between the USS McCain Ramming, North Korea, AI, China, and the Dark Rituals and on what is really going on here in President Trump’s coded words and messages in his speeches and his cryptic tweets.


The Dots need to be connected in order to understand the bigger picture and tin this World of the Occult the connections are by their nature deep, dark, obscure yet hidden in plain sight. No not a contradiction in terms, it was just clear as Mud if you know what is Mud and is the intent of the Mud and what is being hidden under the Mud.

Trump Tweet 1

According to MrCati, and we also agree with this AI Kabbalah based Ritualistic War Theory is that we are now into a 33 Day Window in which the Darkest Mega Satanic Rituals are going to be performed. The Great American Eclipse of August 21st was the Harbinger Event.

This theory explains a great many things and allows us to connect many dots. We believe the window is actually 40 days. Because that incorporates the Eschatology of other Religions and Faiths – regardless of whether we believe in them or not. If we never made the effort to understand the Enemy in this Battle for Humanity then we lost even before the Fight.

screenshot-fmovies.is-2017-08-14-15-10-14 darkmatter avengers1

When President Trump says words like “locked and loaded” they are related to Hollywood Movies. Yes Hollywood because that is the Master of the Ceremonies. It is the Head of the Cabal setting the Agenda and Formulating the Consciousness for their Magick to work.

These are the recently Coded Words which reference Hollywood Magical Movies;

“Locked and Loaded” = reference to Star Trek – Insurrection (1998). Are we noticing the theme here? It is called Betrayal and Insurrection as in Captain Picard going to war against the Federation as in Trump going to war in a Civil War again another Captain America movie with his own People, his own Administration, his own Allies, and his own Nation all for Zionist Israel and Pax Judaica. Why else is Trump praying at the Wailing Wall? Who goes and pretends to be part of another Religion?


Weapons never before seen “Things will happen to them like they never thought possible” = reference the Avengers (2012) Rod of God Weapons as in the Hammer of God as in Project Zeus as in the Spear of Fitzgerald as in the Trump Coat of Arms.

The Coat of Arms Said ‘Integrity.’ Now It Says ‘Trump.’ - The ...

“Fire and Fury” = Dr. Fury of the Avengers and the Dark Matter Project Pegasus as in Project Zeus with the Tesseract Cube of Time Travel as in the Wrinkle of Time Movie.


Trump’s Policy for Afghanistan and South Asia delivered on the night of the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017 is no coincidence it is a direct threat of War upon Pakistan = Pakistan’s Nukes = GI Joe – Retaliation (2011). The opening scene begins with Securing the Pakistani Nukes with the help of GI Joe as in the US Special Forces who in the next few minutes later themselves get Massacred and Betrayed (are we noticing the theme and pattern here again).

Captain America aka the Secret Nazi Hydra Agent discovering the Tesseract Cube as in Trump who real name is Drumpf the German Jewish Family pretending to the Captain America as in the Saviour of America who will in fact bring the death and destruction of America just as it was Predicted and Forecast in the Movies years ago.

Trump’s Coat of Arms indicates he has the Spear of Destiny that Hitler sought or at least has the Tesseract Cube of Time Travel as in the Box of the Pandora of Ancient Legends. Yes Captain America betrayed America just as Trump aka Drumpf Secret Kabbalistic Zionist will also betray White America the most.

Hail Hydra - a guide to getting over yourself | Geek Ireland

Trump Tweet 2

We must get rid of all Nuclear Weapons just as we are expanding our Arsenal as in Double Talk or Double Speak as in saying the opposite of what you really mean and speaking in a secret coded language. Just as Zartan pretending to the President destroys all the Nukes and tricks the entire world into submission of Cobra, the Snake Demi-God.

There is a deeper and darker AI based War as in the Stuxnet Virus as in th D-WAVE Quantum Computer that is being waged in front of us, yet we are completely unaware of it unless you are an avid watch of Hollywood Movies and understand their Logic, their Occult Rituals, and their understanding of Magick.

There is a video that has recently gone viral that exposes this Hollywood CIA Occult Connection which has been linked below.

However, before watching this video consider this video from Dr. Steve Pieczenik that was done 4 years ago in which he said the exact same thing. That Hollywood Movies were being funded and used by the CIA and its Controllers as in Daddy Bush to control the Consciousness of the Masses. And let us not forget in case we have forgotten for this Black Magicians their beliefs are their own. They are not asking for us to believe them.

That is not the point – whether we believe them or not or agree with them or not. The point is they are able to Change our Consciousness which in their Dark Religion = Magick. In case this point is the first time we are hearing this information then please review the works of Dr. Richard Alan Miller, a former USA Government Scientist and Mathematician.


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