[ZurichTimes – August 22, 2017]

Trump is a Time Traveling Casino Mogul playing with Time and America all at the same time as in going Back to the Future and manipulating Events in your favour as in Rigging the Elections with the Help of Palantir lead by Judas Kushner?

That is one possible theory to explain this strange case of Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey & The Last President.

The Last President to coincide with the Fall of the Republic? Does this quote from his book in 2000 offer any clues about how he always seems to know what will happen in the future?

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There is no shortage of YouTube videos on this topic so we have tried to choose the best one for your viewing;

Of course in the World of Coincidences everything is just a simple Coincidence. It was the easiest path to a closed mind and closed thought process. Is it a coincidence that the novel ends with the One Eyed taking over the Government as the Republic Falls? We are witnessing the start of Pax Judaica with the threat to attack Pakistan and it started no unless officially on the day of the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017.

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Is it a coincidence that even the man who was the “Ghostwriter” for this Playbook called the Art of the Deal is also saying that it is Time for Trump to go?

Is it a just another coincidence also that the Back to the Future writer even admits that Biff Tannon was based on the character of Donald Trump? So many coincidences to choose from and still no thinking to be had?

If we are looking for Unified Code Theory then there is one and Polarization Nation Media has the videos to prove it. Coincidentally if you are experiencing constant cyber attacks then perhaps just like coincidence that you may be on the right path. The path towards enlightenment.