[ZurichTimes – August 22, 2017]

STEVE PIECZENIK Turns on Trump and Alex Jones Show and it is worth the watch. What 17 years of War has not done the Great General McMaster will do with just 4,000 Super Troopers dressed in Pink Hot Pants. What a joke of a Military and what joke of a country called America.

The World is Laughing at this nonsense and watching in horror at what this nation is capable of believing. Now the Osama did 911 Narrative is once again being dredged up like a rotting swamp monster to scare zombies with. Alex please stop being a total apologist for anything and everything Trump does even when he is dead flat wrong.

No mention of Saudi financing and aiding the perpetrators of 911, but rather let us blame Pakistan and Afghanistan which are actually viewed as AgPak – one country not even two sovereign countries. They do not call Afghanistan the Graveyard of Empires without a reason. The American Empire will also die there.

Thank you Steve for calling Bullshit when you see and smell and can sense it. Alex take some vitamins and go on a vacation you are beginning to sound pathetic and your hyperventilating and grovelling for Trump has now reached epic proportions.

What is really going on here is that this move by Trump is a counter move to match the One Belt One Road Chinese Initiative that is the called the New Silk Road.

It is China Pakistan Iran Russia Central Asia Syria and Turkey on one side and Japan India USA Australia and their minions on the other side that are trying to derail this critical Economic Initiative. This War is about the Future World Economy and they cannot let it slip into the hands of the Chinese Axis or Sphere of Influence.

And the other reason is the disruption to the Illegal Drug Trade that would take place as in the Loss of Heroid Supply from AgPak if it falls to the other side.