Zurich Times – September 4, 2017

The Order of the Pug is probably something most of us have never heard of before, but Jason James of Polarization Nation Media does a very enlightening breakdown of this Occultist Order.

If we want to dismiss such findings as just coincidence then it must be another strange coincidence that Hollywood movies love to feature this strange dog in their movies.

Pug as an alien

Pug singing

Real Truths were always hidden within Comedy and Entertainment.

Another example of how the Truth is mocked and ridiculed take this relatively new show which is now in its second season called “People of Earth” which features a Reptilians, Nordics and Alien Greys and storyline where instead of AA Meetings these are Alien Abductees Meetings to discuss their common fear and loathing.

People of Earth Trailer

People of Earth Season 1 Trailer

Obviously know of this can be true, right?