[Zurich Times – September 10, 2017]

Pastor Steve delivers another powerful sermon on the End Times and the how Hurricane Harvey and these Weather changes post the August 21, 2017 Great American Eclipse is foretelling an ominous future for America. Judgment is coming upon America. What the American Government has been doing in the name of Americans and Demoncracy is now becoming clear to all.

Even the Rabbis are in agreement. One Rabbi summarized the advice to Jews living in Florida with one word – “Sakana” meaning Danger.

As in the Days of Noah….

End Time Message

If we needed more confirmation of the End Times and the Signs from the Heavens and the Weather before our eyes then here are two more videos both centered around the Numerology of the Dates and the Verses contained therein.

What are the Odds of Luke 21:25 talking about Floods and the Eclipse occurred on the 21st and then 4 days later Hurricane Harvey hits Houston on August 25th? When will we put Coincidence Theory to rest?

Pastor Mark Shows the SHOCKING Connection between the Eclipse & Hurricane Harvey using MATH

Hurricane Harvey and the AI Legion of Phantoms by MrCATI.