[Zurich Times – September 11, 2017]

Yes this headline is hard to believe, but true and being given on no less than the historic date of 9-11. Last year this time we had the “Health issue” with Hillary and her fainting, but now we have Alex Jones stating that Trump is being slowly poisoned with his Diet Coke and is slurring his speech by night time.

This strategy aligns well with the get him out of office with the health issue of Alzheimer’s so he can be declared unfit to be in office. These Forces of Darkness know no bounds for the birthing of Pax Judaica which is now just around the corner.

Roger Stone Predicting the “Trump has Alzheimer” False Narrative in May, 2017.

Roger Stone gives us his Viewpoint about the Trump Poisoning.

Steve Pieczenik goes absolutely rogue and turns on Alex like we have never seen before all because of the Hurricane in Florida.

Hillary’s Health issues from a year ago and my goodness what a turning of the tables just one year later.