Stagflation is Coming to America from October 2017

[Zurich Times – September 21, 2017]

A World of Pain is heading towards America, but most Americans are so asleep and so hypnotized by the Main Stream Media Presstitutes that they cannot understand their Government is doing to them in their name. There is Inflation and Deflation and then is also the worst of both worlds called Stagflation.

[Wikipedia] Stagflation situation in which the inflation rate is high, the economic growth rate slows, and unemployment remains steadily high.

President Drumpf is increasing spending for the most important sector for the Economy. Can we guess that sector that is? It is course the Defense Industry. President Drumpf wants $700 Billion more for the poor and desperate for new wars Defense Industry.

If Americans want to understand the logic of the Defense Industry then please watch the movie Pentagon Wars which is based on a true events.

The Pentagon Wars - Wikipedia

Hence the Rise of Bitcoins and the CryptoCurrencies because it is an Alternative to the Fiat Currency Babylonian Money Magick by the Central Bankers. We reported on this situation just the other with where new coins such as StarCash and Civic are launching based on the Bitcoin source code and adding more features to boost their functionality.

President Drumpf priorities should be obvious at this point, but if it is not then perhaps we are victims of something called the Main Stream Media and Mind Control. Yes there have had patents for such Mind Control and Nervous System Manipulation for decades. Watch, listen and then judge after seeing these videos.

The Evidence was all there for the Eyes to See and the Ears to Hear.

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