Trump Explains his Puerto Rico Rescue Plan

[Zurich Times – September 30, 2017]

Poor Puerto Rico needs leadership and humanitarian assistance and here is Trump to the rescue.

First deliver a speech that inspires and then after a powerful performance of rhetoric and then blame the locals for their problems.


[Business Insider] “The response and recovery effort probably has never been seen for something like this,” Trump said. “This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.”

He added that Puerto Rico would have to rebuild its infrastructure.

What happened to the Federal Assistance and the Might of the American Military? Is that only reserved for the Freedom Bombs they keep dropping in illegal wars overseas?

Do not worry Trump is on the way to deliver bottled water with Melania and her pumps for a quick photo shoot and then off to another round of golf.

It is the type of speech and leadership that inspires America and the World does it not? If you are living in America you should be paying attention to Puerto Rico for the simple fact that it shows how little and how feeble the effort to rescue you will be in the event of similar event on the mainland.

It is the kind of speech that should awaken people from their slumber and their American Dream.

If readers want the truth then please realize at this man is the Red Horse of War. He is no Savior.

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His entire post election agenda has been a betrayal of his base. He has turned out to be the very New York Liberal that he said Hillary was during the Campaign.

How can this man cannot be the same person and Republicans cannot know or understand the difference? What Mandela Effect world timeline that they living in?

Truly some were Leaders and some were Misleaders. The Real Question is who here can be considered not to be Misleaders.

What Entity is occupying the Whitehouse only god knows.

What is more frightening is that we have California Democrat called Swamp Creature Pelosi ready to take over and offer her “leadership”. Was the “slurred speech” narrative not the script for Trump?

What is going on here in the Washington DC, the Devil’s capital? It is called an Occultocracy aka Demoncracy.