Nelly Arrested on Rape Accusation, Attorney Denies ‘Fabricated Allegation’

[Zurich Times – October 7, 2017]

Just days after the scandalous implications of the Harvey Weinstein Sexual Predator allegations now we have another Hollywood Elite this time Rapper Nelly being accused of Rape on his Tour Bus. There seems to be an epidemic and it seems we are just seeing the tip of the Iceberg and hence the “Calm before the Storm” comment by  President Trump.

[Variety] According to the Auburn Police Department, officers arrested the Grammy winner, whose real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., on Saturday at 3:48 a.m. in his tour bus. He was taken into custody and booked less than an hour later.


Given that that alleged rape occurred on the tour bus, what was a young lady doing on a tour bus with a rap star at 3am in the morning with drinking and drugs probably involved going to do on the tour bus? Play checkers?

When will people stop putting themselves in the middle of these precarious situations and then complain about the results later? If readers disagree then here is another example of reckless behavior.

How about taking your young daughter who barely looks 13 to the Nelly concert and then hoot and cheer when he does this with her on the stage?

Who bears responsibility here? The Child or the Parents or Both? Once the damage is done or wait until the Police have to get involved?

Just wondering if this young girl was invited to the backstage or the tour bus later as well by Nelly?

Because Hairy Weinstain might be waiting for her once Nelly is done with her.

A short history of the Pedophilia that pervades Hollywood from someone [Arizona Wilder] who has survived this horror. And where are all these Satanic Rituals taking place? At US Military Bases of course where else would they do that.