Jonathan Kleck gets Ready to Close his Ministry – Rapture Warnings

[Zurich Times – October 8, 2017]

It is a sad and humbling series of videos in these past few days and weeks from the Visionary Jonathan Kleck. We have never met, but it feels as though we have met in Spirit and Mind and Online rather in the Body or Person.

His warnings of the flood coming to New York and the End of the Babylonian Money Magick System through the Desctruction of New York in a Great Flood are worth watching.

These warnings are not stand alone pieces. We should be always Connecting the Dots to other Pieces of Data. The strongest connection to the ending of Ministry and the Las Vegas Attack can be found in all places in New Yokr inside of a U2 Song called “The Best Thing About Me” for a new Album release entitled “War”. We have more articles planned on this Decoded so please stay tuned.

Do we suppose they are trying to let us something with such Predictive Programming?

We have created Playlist so that all the videos related to this post will play in one sequence.

Do we suppose that Trump is signalling the Calm before the Storm in is relation to “Salvation” and being saved and saving yourself and warning others?

This TV Series deals with an imminent meteor hurtling towards Earth and the Government chooses to cover it up as the President gets ready to Disclose, but is first Poisoined with Drugs before the “Female President” is able to make Disclose about the WormWood Prophecy. Are we connecting any Dots yet?

His Container Project is finished and that is full of Symbolism and Warnings Signs for those that can see and hear. His tone and reflections are disturbing in one sense because he has the ability to see things most cannot and if he feels the end is immiment then we should be paying attention.

God Bless, Jonathan and Best Wishes on your Journey.