Decoding the Occult Symbolism of the Las Vegas Attack – The Jason Aldean Code [Part 1]

[Zurich Times – October 13, 2017]

It has been now 2 weeks since the Las Vegas False Flag and instead of having more Answers we now find ourselves asking if even the basic information that CNN and Las Vegas Police Department and the FBI are telling us are even True or Not. It is a complete fiasco and charade. It seems as if the 911 A-Team has retired and gone back to the Caves from which they came.

Us mortals are left merely with more Questions and fleeting few Answers.

Here is our attempt to contribute to the Las Vegas Attack Investigation is active across all continents and timelines with the Jason Aldean Code. We will be adding more videos time and resources permitting.

In the video we forgot to mention that there are actually 4 Rituals are in Play right now and 3 have already occurred. The Blood Ritual was Las Vegas, the Fire Ritual was the Directed Energy Weapons in California, the Wind Ritual was the Hurricanes in past 2 months, and the last one still in the works and the next one to Hit will be the Water Ritual.

It was Earth, Fire, Water and Wind Elements and the only element missing was the 5th Element, another Hollywood Vision Board Movie hint.

This Water Ritual will in the coming Tsunami, Destruction, Flooding of New York City as has been broadcast in the U2 War Album, Kleck’s Decoding of the $10 USD Bill, and It Is Finished Decoding.

Some of the videos referenced in this video are linked below because YouTube now will not even let us upload video longer than 30 minutes and keeps rejecting videos for different reasons as the days pass. Therefore, it is also time that we move past YouTube and direct our resources and energies.

The Shoes Missing is actually from the Ole Dammegard interivew and not Kleck or Quinn or MrCati as we stated incorrectly in the video. The missing shoes are eerily reminiscent of the Manchester Masonic Ritual where the Crisis Actors were caught with Shoes Missing and Pant Legs Rolled Up.

Manchester Manufactured Synthetic Terror Occult Symbolism on 5/22/17

Ole Dammegard | The Vegas Shooting: Inconsistencies & Strange Symbolism

The Concert Video with the Devil’s Hand Sign.


The Burnin’ It Down Music Video.

Notice the Occult Predictive Programming with the Red Hew of the Cowboy Boots and Ladies Shoes on the Floor in a Red Sea of Blood as int he Exodus out of Egypt Reference?

Law of Babylonian Money Magick

The Burdens of Egypt and the U2 War Album Connection

The Illuminati Card Game

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The Kunstler Aura of Legality Video